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video.  A football field for a more inclusive future thanks to PepsiCo

video. A football field for a more inclusive future thanks to PepsiCo

Turin, May 20 (askanews) – The five-a-side football stadium “Lay’s RePlay” has opened at Casa in the Cecchi Point district of Turin, in the Aurora region, the first stadium to be built in the European Union by PepsiCo, a leading food and beverage company. The initiative aims to promote, through sport, a sustainable and inclusive lifestyle in local communities. Marcello Pincelli, CEO of PepsiCo Italy: “We are very pleased to do this opening in the Aurora area of ​​Turin and to bring Lay’s RePlay to the EU for the first time after experience in South Africa, UK and Brazil in the past years. It is an initiative with two purposes, first and foremost , It is a responsible field, because it fully respects the environment: It uses bags of recycled potato chips at the end of use. It is a certified and environmentally sustainable field. But above all I believe is a testament to the closeness of the local communities, and we hope that this area will become a meeting point for many young people, Men and women, who can come together, have fun, play, entertain themselves and reclaim a little of that sociality that we’ve lost in the past two years due to the pandemic.” Part of a broader corporate path, geared toward sustainability that seeks to inspire positive changes for the planet and people.” From semp re Our company is globally committed to creating a sustainable food system. Several initiatives have been taken over the years, we recently outlined a global vision called Winning with PepsiCo Positive, Which means achieving business results, not in any way, but putting sustainability at the center and Pep-Positive is a platform that brings together all of these initiatives aimed at inspiring more informed choices in consumers, respecting the environment and at the same time being close to the communities in which we operate.” PepsiCo has made significant investments in our country.” In Italy in particular, we recently launched Gatorade, one of our flagship brands, and we are among the first in Europe to manufacture it, a 500ml bottle made entirely, 100%, of recycled plastic. Sustainability Important and requires investment: Recycled plastic costs 70% more than regular plastic, but we want to do business this way, put sustainability at the center, and invest in that direction.”

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