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Very Mobile launches the new version Very 500 Giga Special – | News | Telephone communications


From November 21, 2023 to January 15, 2024, unless changed, very mobile It is suggested that, for new activations, display only the data 500 GB with Reduced monthly cost At €13.99 per month instead of €15.99 per month.

Data is provided only (Here is the direct link) It consists exclusively of 500GB of data traffic in 4Gbut in this case it can be exploited Maximum available speed (“4G full speed”), thus without the 30 Mbps download and upload limit found on Very’s offers with unlimited minutes and text messages.

500 GB (in special version) pridect 500 GB of mobile Internet traffic each month, at 4G speeds of up to 300Mbps download and 100Mbps upload.

The monthly cost for this new data-only offering is 13.99 euros per month Instead of 15.99 euros per month. There is an activation cost of €9.99.

In EU roaming, with this offer, the limit is 17GB per month throughout 2023.

The offer is directed Exclusively for new customers who activate a new numberThus without requesting the possibility of porting from another operator.

With only this data suggested by Very Mobile, ie Minutes and SMS Which the client does Charged according to consumption it costs 29 euro cents per minute For calls and 29 euro cents For each message.

In physical stores, it is expensive New rechargeable SIM card is equal to 10 eurosexcluding any local promotions that allow it to be reset.

For purchases Connectedinstead of, The cost of a new SIM card is freebut you must purchase at least one main offer.

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In this case, unlike shops, the operator also makes the service available eSIM format And the initiative “Very surprising (very on the fly)”.

As always, on-demand services are included with Very Offers at no additional cost I searched for you And RingMeas it turns out Activation of paid services is blocked by defaultHowever, they can be opened later via the operator’s official app.

In case Insufficient balance To pay the renewal fee, offers are placed on hold until enough credit is added to cover the monthly cost. To avoid immediate suspension, the customer can activate the free service Automatic chargingDirectly from the operator application.

With a very mobile phone, just in case All gigabytes of data traffic are exhausted Included in the offer, internet browsing will be blocked until the next renewal.

In this case, the client can execute the order Renew in advance at the regular monthly costso that the entire package is available again.

Why worry? Roaming in European Union countries (And now also in the UK), in this case minutes and SMS are valid without additional costs, while there is a cap on data traffic (as described previously).

If a customer exceeds this monthly limit, pay-as-you-go pricing will be triggered 0.219 euro cents Per MB, and per KB pricing is also valid in this case until the end of 2023.

Very mobile It is a prepaid service that is rechargeable from the phone operator Winds three (CK Hutchison Collection) which exploits WindTre Network Even 4G with specific speed limits.

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Until January 15, 2024, excluding any extensions, called for by the new initiative Flash black promowhich new MNP customers can get for free 50GB per month of additional data traffic and a second free early renewal (called 1 month of free shipping).

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