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Mortgages: Save 20,000 euros on home purchase if you choose the right property at the right time.

Mortgages: Save 20,000 euros on home purchase if you choose the right property at the right time.

Young people can save a lot on mortgages. This is approved by, which has monitored the incentives available to those under the age of thirty-six. He discovered that the government and the banking world had hit the mark in an effort to simplify life for young people who would like to endure such hardship. A move, especially in these times.

Buying a home is every couple’s dream, but carry a mortgage on their back, especially in a big city, It sounds more like a nightmare than a dream. But things today are less complicated.

It all starts with government incentives, but that’s not enough. confirms how the banking world responded (and was never taken for granted) In disputes from the executive branch. The gate confirms that the day is under the limits A 36-year-old can buy a home with no down payment and even without guarantors. Circumstances that were unimaginable until recently: Ivano Cristo of the Popular Portal confirms this.

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Moreover, notes that people under the age of 36 represent an increasingly important proportion of mortgage loan applicants. Even in June, demand for mortgages jumped from under 36 years old to 40% of the total.

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But let’s deal with the numbers of this kind of problem and cheer them up. The savings for those who decide to take out a mortgage are great. In fact, these interventions not only facilitated access to credit, But they also made mortgages more sustainable. Even the savings will be around 900€ per year for a total of 20,000€ in total.

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To be sure, this kind of intervention is a huge boost to stimulating consumption that is so dear to the government. Along with the various bonuses for homes, it represents a powerful act of confidence in a real estate sector that has been in crisis for some time.