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USA, Trump appeals: “Restore the right to vote.”  Move against Colorado

USA, Trump appeals: “Restore the right to vote.” Move against Colorado

Donald Trump has appealed to the Supreme Court after a Colorado state court disqualified him from local Republican primaries. The decision was made under the Fourteenth Amendment, which bars officials involved in rebellion or riot against the Constitution to which they have sworn an oath from holding public office. Yesterday, the former President of the United States decided to appeal a similar decision in Maine, taken by the Secretary of State of Pine Tree State.

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The former president's lawyers, according to what was reported by the Washington Post, in a document submitted during the past few hours, urged the judges to quickly overturn the Colorado Supreme Court ruling and “restore the voters' right to vote for the president.” Candidate of their choice.” They said judges should not be allowed to prevent electors from voting for the leading Republican nominee for president. In that case, the court would have to weigh in on the legality of the mechanism by which the Colorado Supreme Court declared Trump ineligible.

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