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Usa: Five Places That Made Cinema History


Why not take advantage of the holidays to immerse yourself in adventure and follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters on the big screen? Visit America Chosen Five of the best places to visit That’s the general dream of the perfect background fLove American movies.

Arizona: Vast deserts are the perfect setting for the latest blockbuster Asteroid City Off Wes Anderson. Here it can be set to find out Sedona Deserts To visit the dry land Red Rock State Park. Or, at some distance, A flagpoleGetting inspiredAsteroid City Stargazing ConventionTravelers can try their hand at seeing the former star City of Dark Skies Explore the wonder of the world and the Milky Way.

Seattle: 30 years have passed since its release Insomnia of love with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Fans of the film may recall some iconic moments from the film. Lake Union Or riding a bike Algi Beach Or stopAthenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar.

Philadelphia: Until then August 27 Open to the public Disney100 ExhibitionThe exhibition, which traces the creation of some of the iconic characters, is set up in Franklin Institute in Philadelphia To celebrate 100 Years of Walt Disney. With 10 interactive installations to explore, characters from old and new movies and cartoons come magically to life. Or lovers Rocky A memorable trip can be recreated Sylvester Stallone In steps of Philadelphia Museum of Art.

North Carolina: So nostalgic Dirty dancing They can go Lake LureLocated at the base Blue Ridge MountainsMost of the film was shot Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. On the other hand, for a trip through television history, it’s worth stopping at the bridge of the opening theme song. A wooden hill And by the river Wilmington, i saw Dawson Creek.

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New York: There is nothing better than a visit to discover everything that goes on behind the scenes of cinema Museum of the Moving Image in Queens Learn about the fascinating creative and technical process of film production, promotion and distribution. In New York, a guided bus tour of Manhattan takes tourists to 60 famous shooting locations. Plaza Hotel 2 from Home Alone: ​​Lost in New York And Katz’s Delicatessen, He became famous for the scene Harry meets Sally.

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