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Explosion is bad weather and severe warnings about snow from the National Civil Defense L

Weather Warning: An eruption is one of the most severe weather and snow warnings from the National Civil Defense

National Civil Defense Snow Warning Press release

Bad weather: Low altitude snowfall in central-north

Yellow alert in seven regions

A chaotic cold team system from the North Atlantic tends to reach our peninsula quickly with simultaneous reinforcement of the wind. In fact, from the first hour of today, there will be snow in the western alpine sectors, immediately followed by Emilia-Romagna and then the central regions, especially the Adriatic regions, generally up the mountainous heights, but with aggression. Low height.

Based on the available forecasts, the Department of Civil Defense in its agreement with the regions concerned – those responsible for the implementation of civil defense systems in the affected areas – has issued warnings about adverse weather conditions. Weather events affecting different parts of the country can be determined in the national summary, the National Review and the Hydraulic Reviews reported in the Warning Bulletin, which can be consulted on the Department’s website ( It).

From early morning on Sunday, January 9, in the plains of Emilia-Romagna, especially in the eastern regions and in March, the announcement of low-altitude snowfall with weak and moderate contributions to the ground; Snowfall of more than 400-600 m is expected in the eastern part of Umbria and Lazio and Abruzzo from tomorrow morning, extending to Molise in the afternoon, weakening the ground and moderate contributions and possible encroachments up to Abruzzo.

Based on the expected and ongoing events, a yellow alert was issued on Sunday, January 9 for hydrological risk, thunderstorms and hydraulic risk in Abruzzo, Molise and Lazio, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and some other areas. Sicily.

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Updates Bad weather: Orange warning in Buglia

Snow in the south, strong winds in most parts of Italy and storms on the beaches

A chaotic system with a cold character tends to cross the entire peninsula, resulting in minimal pressure in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In this environment, winds from the northern hemisphere will intensify, resulting in lower temperatures and snowfall up to hilly elevations in one part of the south.

Based on the forecasts available, the Department of Civil Defense, in agreement with the relevant regions – those responsible for the implementation of civil defense systems in the affected areas – has issued further warnings about the adverse weather conditions that will extend the weather released yesterday. Meteorological events affecting various parts of the country can be determined in national summary, hydrological and hydraulic reviews consulted on the website of the Department of National Criticism and Warning Information (

The announcement forecasts an average of more than 500-700 meters of snowfall in Campania, Basilicata and Puglia from Sunday, January 9th, with weak and moderate contributions to the ground.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in eastern Emilia-Romagna, Marseille, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio from 10 a.m. Monday until 3 p.m. With more temporary winds up to strong storms in coastal and Apennine areas; Sicily and Calabria are expected to experience strong westerly winds initially with westerly winds, followed by cyclonic and strong storms from the northern hemisphere. Strong storms are expected on the exposed beaches.

Based on the expected and ongoing events, the Orange Warning for Water Level Hazard in the northern part of Puglia was assessed tomorrow, Monday 10th January. Furthermore, the yellow alert was evaluated for hydrogeological risk, hydraulic risk and storm risk in some parts of Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia, Basilicotta, Calabria and Sicily.

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Based on the evolution of new forecasts and events, weather forecasts and important forecasts for Italy are updated daily and are available to the public on the Department of Civil Defense’s website ( Rules of conduct to follow during bad weather. Information on regional alert levels, specific critiques that may affect individual territories, and adopted preventive measures are managed by regional civil defense structures, in connection with which the Department monitors the evolution of the situation.

Rome, January 9, 2022

Head of Cabinet

Department of Civil Defense

Department Press Office