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Unlike WeTransfer, this is a real trick for sending files of any weight without paying a single euro

Unlike WeTransfer, this is a real trick for sending files of any weight without paying a single euro

It's a great trick for sending huge files without having to pay anything: it's not WeTransfer. Here's exactly what you need to know.

Nowadays we store a lot of that data in between Computer and smartphone, getting storage space that can manage our files is becoming increasingly difficult. a reason Clouds are presentwhich allows us to assign our files to other types of resources on the network, Allowing us to free up precious space on our devices. Some files are really very huge, and it often happens that this type of file needs to be sent to someone to share.

Send large files online for free: here's the trick –

But as is known, “regular” mailboxes have one Maximum transmission powerwhich generally wanders around Between 8 and 11 MB maximum. So what should you do to send huge files? Existing We transferBut for Larger than 2 GBOr a group of files whose weight exceeds this weight Switch to the PRO version. Here's the trick you didn't know, to send what you want, without spending money.

The trick to sending large files without spending money

How many times have we had to go through both? Personal and functional reasonsLarge files? In general, if there is a method, there is the classic method USB stick Which depending on its size can contain large file content. Or directly Pass around the hard disk. But of course it's a cumbersome procedure, and we don't always get to see each other to do it. Exchange these types of devices.

It's not WeTransfer: Here's the trick to sending large files –

Therefore we must rely on online resources to be able to do this Send large files. But some are equally limited and require an annual, monthly, or even weekly subscription, to allow you to send larger files. but no fearthe web always has a solution: the solution in question is called Toffisher.

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ToffeeShare, how does it work?

ToffeeShare could be your salvation Anyone who needs to share large files. Actually it can support too More than 2 GBWithout costs and in an unlimited way. The interface is very similar to WeTransfer. do it Drag and drop Files in the specified area, drag them to it, or search within the computer. Then after completing the download A link will be generated and all you have to do is copy it.

This link goes next They are sent to the person who needs to download these filesOnce you click on it, a preview of the file names will be displayed. Then just click “Download” and you're done. Very fast and effective solution.