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The big phone company announces a huge fine for those who behave badly: how does that work?

The big phone company announces a huge fine for those who behave badly: how does that work?

A major telecommunications company announced a huge fine to punish perpetrators of violations: this is what happened.

Anyone who owns a smartphone has earned it More than a few spam messages, However, a well-known telecom company has announced a change in 2024 that may help limit at least some of these texts with a hefty fine.

Telephone operator announces fines for spam –

Some of the spam messages you frequently receive are considered explicit, such as sending explicit photos. It could be others Deceptive social engineering scams Which appear legitimate but in reality are just asking for access to private information. Luckily, Something is about to change in the world of telephony. Below, we learn about the phone company that has announced its stance against spam.

Spam fine: advertisement of known telephone operator

Everyone knows how annoying and sometimes dangerous spam messages can be, but the good news is that at least one major US airline is planning to do something about it, saying it will fine the scammers. This is T-Mobile: The company confirmed that third-party messaging providers will be caught sending scams, spam and illegal SMS. They will be hit with a fine.

T-Mobile fights spam with fines –

in The statement was released to Cord Cutter News“These changes only affect third-party messaging providers that send illegal or impermissible mass commercial messaging campaigns to other companies,” T-Mobile said. “Sellers will be fined if the content they provide does not meet the standards of our Code of Conduct, which has been approved.” They are designed to protect consumers from illegal or infringing content and comply with federal and state laws.

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According to T-Mobile. These messages have been divided into three different levels With different amounts of fines. Level 1 carries a fine of $2,000 It consists of phishing, spear-phishing or social engineering messages. Level 2 includes illegal content The content of the message must be considered legal in all 50 states and at the federal level, otherwise the fine will be $1,000. The last would be Level 3 which carries a $500 fine It includes all other violations. Hopefully these fines will prevent companies from sending these types of spam.