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UNESCO, Liverpool Harbor is no longer a World Heritage Site.  British IRA government

UNESCO, Liverpool Harbor is no longer a World Heritage Site. British IRA government

L ‘UNESCO They voted to remove the port Liverpool of world heritage. Extensive structural development work, including for the construction of the new stadium Liverpool Everton who led the city Great Britain To lose credibility. These may be the reasons why the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization retrofitted and removed the primacy of the British city. Signs that years of urban and architectural interventions have left Liverpool harbor ‘irreversible’, to the point where those Victorian piers essential to the growth of the British Empire in the nineteenth century were buried, to the point where they were buried under layers of sophistication – or are assumed to be – which earned the English city and its port in particular the status of Heritage in Humanity in 2004 with the UNESCO seal. Like Stonehenge, but also the Taj Mahal and the pyramids in Egypt. Seventeen years later, the United Nations agency took a step back, in fact, repealing its ruling altogether and repealing the title.

UNESCO, this is the reason for the decision

An almost unprecedented decision It has been taken in only two other cases – leaving local officials in a state of panic, unleashing cries of injustice and also fueling local political feuds and rivalries. But what has happened since 2004 that was so decisive that he made such an exciting decision? Two indicators above all: Liverpool Waters, a £5.5 million redevelopment approved in 2013 which, according to UNESCO, leaves a very deep scar on the waterfront, and the new Everton Stadium, a massive structure with a capacity of 52,000. Spectators risk changing Fully face the entire area, as well as significantly modifying their use. But Lapidari verdict: “Irreversible loss of originality.” The decision was made after a secret vote by the UNESCO Special Committee chaired by China. In announcing the ruling, the committee chair said that of the 20 votes cast, 13 were in favor of removing Liverpool from the list, five against and two deemed invalid.

British government response

mayor of liverpool, Joan AndersonSelect Resolution “Not understood”. For the county chief, Steve Rotheram, “it does not reflect what is actually happening on the ground”; even The central government, from London, expressed its disappointment: “We are very disappointed”. However, there was no shortage of those who took the opportunity to point the finger at the local administration, such as the local leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Richard Kemp, according to whom this should be remembered as a “day of shame” which “undoubtedly” in his warning would affect tourism and investments. The truth is, the decision doesn’t come like a bolt of the blue, at least not quite: There were signs of it, and even warnings, until that report last June that put an end to the file. However, there are those who question whether it is necessary to be recognized by UNESCO for a visit to Liverpool or if it is not enough in the end to be the city that gave birth to the Beatles, of many heritage beyond any list and any potential vote.

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