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Unemployed, with my people, the hope of 14 thousand people from the rallies is called a ghoul.  The plafond nearly 23 million

Unemployed, with my people, the hope of 14 thousand people from the rallies is called a ghoul. The plafond nearly 23 million

Ancona – unemployed And workers in the field of relocation, income earners basic incomeand Naspi and the overflow fund for discontinued operations. These are the beneficiaries banner Refusal to work – the National Employment Guarantee Program for Workers (Gol) – which for 2022 has allocated 21,384,000 euros to the Marche region, to which 1,470,000 euros were added as a fund to enhance the skills of workers in corporate crises, for a total of 22,854,000 euros.

The absent (Confesercenti) from the point of view of tourism in the rallies: “To start flying again, you need an airport and a tourist card.”

the teachers
Great roof to get my proverbial fist hit on the table. “One of the criteria for deciding how to distribute resources between regions – explained Labor Commissioner Stefano Agutsi yesterday – as well as the number of unemployed present, relates to the recipient of citizenship income, who brought a lot of money to southern Italy. We fought a very strong battle to rebalance the resources.” In the region Marche, the number of the unemployed is about 80 thousand, and the measure is aimed at involving about 14,580 people in active labor policies, of whom approximately 11 thousand are vulnerable groups (at least 3,888 must participate in training activities and of those, at least 1,458 in digital skills).

Five-year plan
This is an estimate, even considering that not all the unemployed are actively looking for work, but the number could be higher. “Gradually, we will take charge of all those who turn to the counters of employment centers,” says Director of the Social Welfare Department Mauro Terzoni: It is in fact a five-year plan, and each year, additional resources will be allocated. But how will the NRP-funded Active Policy Plan technically work? Responsibility takes place in 13 Employment Centers, a place for personal assessment of Gol beneficiaries and for orientation in one of the five different pathways proposed. It ranges from job reintegration (€2.6 million) for the unemployed who do not need to deepen their skills – with measures including accompaniment to work, support for self-employment and incentives for business creation – to skills improvement (6.8 million), which includes vocational modernization with a short course (Maximum 150 hours) on the selected skill profile. Then there is a specific reskilling pathway (2.1 million) for the unemployed who have significant skills deficits or need retraining: in this case, the training pathway can last up to 600 hours. The fourth track, the track renamed Action and Inclusion (8.2 million), was calibrated to vulnerable or vulnerable people, with social inclusion exercises. The list was closed by Operation Mass Transfer (2.9 million), which targets people who are still employed but likely to go through a transition due to corporate crises.

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“For the goal of corporate workers in crisis – Terzoni predicts – we are developing the idea of ​​a regional fund for dedicated active policies, starting with about 3 million from Track 5 of the target, but integrating them with ESF funds from the European Union for new programming, which should arrive by the end of the year , waste of social safety nets and other resources. A countermeasure to interference in the various corporate crises we are experiencing on our lands.” In the meantime, we’re starting with what the PNRR has made available, with very strict start times.

The notifications are expected to be published in April, in May, the activity of assuming responsibility and processing beneficiaries by employment centers will begin, and between July and September, the start of the five courses, which will be implemented in cooperation with public employment services and approved private entities, in addition to the contribution of companies. “The intersection between labor and training policies – as Agutsi concluded – is a critical lever for development policies and allows for the inclusion of fragile and vulnerable subjects, especially youth and women.”

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