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Unbearable weather and heat: when and where.  Giuliacci’s predictions of fire

Unbearable weather and heat: when and where. Giuliacci’s predictions of fire

The temperatures will reach very high levels and we will have to watch out for the heat wave that will affect the Italian peninsula. Colonel Mario Giuliaci spread the alarm with a new weather forecast. Unstable weather, which ruined the plans of those who planned their holidays in June, seems to have left us. In its place was the African anticyclone, which caused the columns of thermometers to rise non-stop.

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To clarify what awaits us next week, the Mario Giuliacci team is on the site When will the real heat hit? “The peak of this second heat wave will be reached on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July, and in fact a great stability will prevail throughout Italy. Temperatures will exceed their averages for this period. In the center, in the south and on the two main islands, thermal values ​​will rise above 35 ° C,” he writes. experts. However, higher temperatures are not enough. Meteorologists add: “Sunday, July 9, we will witness another increase in temperatures that will exceed 40 degrees Celsius in Sardinia and Sicily, exceed 36 degrees Celsius in the center and reach 34-35 degrees Celsius in the Po Valley.”

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The heat would also make holidays difficult for Italians: “The currents of hot air passing over the Mediterranean would charge water vapor, making the situation even worse.” Next week holds no better surprises. “Another batch of anticyclone is expected on Monday 10th July as a significant drop between the UK and Iceland will pull more warm air from the Sahara towards Europe. Temperatures will reach 35C in the Po Valley and over 37C. in the center,” Giuliaci’s team warns. Those who find themselves on the main islands will have to keep their heads up, as temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. How long will the heat last? According to experts, “until mid-July.”

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