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Ukraine is ready to give up NATO membership to "avoid conflict".  German Chancellor Schulz meets Zelensky

Ukraine is ready to give up NATO membership to “avoid conflict”. German Chancellor Schulz meets Zelensky

L ‘Ukraine Ready to take the first tangible step of Avoid military escalation on its borders. After weeks of failed negotiations, allegations and threats of retaliation, today the Kiev ambassador to Britain, Vadim Pristikointerview by BBC It was reported that the government of an Eastern European country is studying whether Giving up on pursuing plans for NATO membership To avoid conflict. Fears of new clashes (and new deaths) near the disputed areas or even of unrest that could lead to The overthrow of the executive They can then bring the president’s country Volodymyr Zelensky to abandon their Atlantic aspirations, in what would be a huge concession to Russia From Russian President Vladimir Putinworried, as they have repeated over and over since then KremlinFrom the eastward advance of the forces and influence NATO.

Asked about a possible change in Ukraine’s position regarding NATO membership, Prystaiko said yes, “we can” change our position. “Especially if we are threatened, blackmailed and pushed to do so,” he explained. In the meantime, talks between the parties continue, even if so far they have yielded little results and have shown divided allies. german chancellor, Olaf SchulzHe will be in Kiev today for talks with President Zelensky, while tomorrow the most anticipated meeting, the one in flies: A duality of paramount importance given that these two countries line up on opposing fronts but maintain it Close business and economic relations Who are involved in the pipeline project Nord Stream 2, whose moratorium was used by the Atlantic bloc as a possible retaliation in the event of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Schultz said that any attack by Russia would lead to “severe sanctions that we have carefully prepared and that we can impose at any time” and that his visit to Kiev represented “an attempt to ensure peace for Europe.”

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Meanwhile, leader Spd Ask Russia Today ‘Immediate signs of calm’ Before traveling to Kiev and then to Moscow. “We expect immediate signs of de-escalation from Moscow,” he wrote in a tweet, stressing that “a new military aggression will have serious consequences for Russia.”

Meanwhile, US intelligence has reviewed the rise of the Russian troop presence on the border with Ukraine: it is 130 thousandnot 100 thousand, from the military Washington It is estimated that they were sent by the Kremlin to the gates of the country and are ready to act in the event of a military escalation. Even if yesterday, as in past weeks, Maria ZakharovaThe Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine.