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ETA Airlines, layoffs are still 4 thousand (paid from public coffers) but the company employs 1,200 people

ETA Airlines, layoffs are still 4 thousand (paid from public coffers) but the company employs 1,200 people

Waiting to see if someone is really willing to buy it, Ita Airways, subsidiary of Ita Airways 100% of the treasury, increase the fleet and staff. But it does it a certain way, like pretty much everything that’s happened at this company for years. with the the closure of Alitalia and the emergence of ETA, The fleet and manpower have been significantly reduced. Among more than 10 thousand employees 2,500 left. They were recruited with new, less favorable contracts, because, at least in theory, Alitalia and Eta Airlines They are two different things, they are not “on the go”. This real or supposed break, which is also examined by labor judges in view of the numerous lawsuits filed by former employees, the appointment of company hands, as well as in terms of new hires. It was the birth of a new company The case requested by Brussels To give the go-ahead for another attempt to restart the carrier. It was built around this ambiguity, which would have to be cleared up sooner or later, that initially flew planes with the Alitalia logo, the same code as AZ, but was technically another company.

With a second round of recruitment They are practically back on the team All the unionists in old Alitalia. It is no coincidence that even then the main workers’ organizations did not say a word against the unscrupulous methods of the ex-president. Alfredo Altavilla, was recently brought to the door. The boss had started with a hard line, and then the proposed contractual terms turned out to be so punishing that the company found itself understaffed as it tried to take off. Management backed off, peace broke with the major trade unions and hiring arrived. else 4 thousand However, employees are still on exceptional layoffs, at the expense of society. For them, because of the mistakes made by the delegate management, member integration is skipped Checks for October, November and December.

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Ita has now started the recruitment process from 1200 people In light of the expansion of the fleet b 39 new aircraft expected in 2023. It would be logical for him to rely on the former Alitalia group, to restore already trained professionals and to exempt the state from part of the checks. In the past, public reassurances in this sense also came from management. but not. In the next few days, the recruitment plan will begin in cooperation with Cving Company, from the human group. December 14th Selection interviews will take place in Rome on December 16 in Milan. The professional positions in demand are those of certified flight attendants, aspiring flight attendants, and pilots. This is good for unions. Meanwhile, the company is accumulating losses, approx 1.5 million euros a day. Of course, the period was complex for all carriers, and there is a post-Covid recovery, but not all trajectories have returned to pre-pandemic values. At the beginning of November, the treasury made further payments to the company 400 million, The penultimate slide of 1.3 billion of authorized transfers from Brussels.

Ita is waiting and hoping someone will really step in because she can’t stand being on her own. The Draghi government favored the Certares union with Delta and Air France. admitted to exclusive negotiations, Then the trio also retreated because in the meantime they had reached Palazzo Chigi Georgia Meloni, less inclined to the French solution. During the election campaign, the prime minister expressed his desire to do so Preserving the Italian character of The company proposed a new state-run recovery plan. In the past few weeks, the Lufthansa hypothesis, possibly supported by an Italian partner, has regained ground Like Fs or Cassa Deposit standing everywhere. On the other hand, the MSC Marine Group from Gianluigi Aponte Which, until the summer, cherished the air-sea integration project. At the moment, nothing concrete. Although there are those who would argue that Ita Airways was tailored to Lufthansa’s wishes, the German company has had many opportunities in the past to take over the Italian carrier and move its traffic to the Frankfurt hub. However, when it came time to shut down, she would always withdraw. Attentive commentators note how “game” between Air France and Lufthansa It is more than anything else to prevent a competitor from taking over the Italian carrier. The game is still in the hands of taxpayers who have spent so far more than 13 billion euros for the “leading” airline .

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