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Two currencies in circulation.  A very severe blow to the euro

Two currencies in circulation. A very severe blow to the euro

posted on 07/05/2023 10:21
– File has been updated 07/06/2023 09:45

Among the oddities of thisEuropean Union Increasingly full of contradictions and less helpful to families, there is also an incredible paradox of a purely critical nature: Bulgaria It has in fact been a member of the European Union since 2007 but continues to use its national currency ( fiber), and refused to switch to the euro. From time to time, the senior management of Brussels They try to persuade the current governments to take the initiative, but always to no avail. Also because inside the country there is a world close to the sovereign right, which continues to organize demonstrations and protests against a possible change of currency. The outcome of this climate of tension is nothing short of gruesome. (Continue reading after the photo)
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Indeed, in recent weeks some right-wing movements have launched a petition to delay the adoption of the euro until 2043, which is a very distant date. He gathered more than 600,000 signatures within a few hours, confirming how open the debate was within the country on this issue. It could, in short, be a Bulgaria Postponement of the appointment in the single European currency. (Continue reading after the photo)

Also because in the meantime village Its economic indicators began to falter. And it is precisely these data, starting with inflation that has recently increased compared to previous months, that are the prerequisites for being able to join the euro. problem in 2007, the year it was Bulgaria In the European Union, it did not arise. But the parameters as indicated by the warhead moneyMeanwhile, it has worsened and the risk is that it will not meet the conditions needed for the single currency soon. (Continue reading after the photo)

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Two euro coins in circulation

For now, the government’s idea is to propose Bulgarians Alternative: choosing to pay in Euros or national levs, pending possible full commitment to the European currency. All starting January 1, 2024 when, barring second thoughts, the “double coin” experiment will take place. The myriad oddities of a union that seems to have very little, not just in terms of money.

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