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TV: Costanzo, I knew them well from Villaggio to Fame – Ultima Ora

(by Nicoletta Tambelich) (ANSA) – ROME, July 02 – Maurizio Costanzo, a busy summer and autumn that never stops. The king of the talk show, master of interview art, author of TV, radio and even songs, will return to TV first on Rai3 with a program he so desired and co-designed with his friend Pino Strabioli: “It had to leave at the end of July and slip until the end of August, but it is intended for characters from the show business. and cinema and theater, who have given so much to Italy. I have met them several times in person and had a special relationship with them. ” What is the program called? “I knew them well – answers Costanzo, who adds – at the moment we are talking about four evenings of individual events dedicated to ‘Carmelo Bini, Marcello Mastroianni, Faemi and Paolo Villaggio’.

The first will be dedicated to Villaggio, who passed away in 2017, the author and translator of characters associated with surreal and innovative comedies such as Professor Kranz, Giandomenico Fracchia and above all the accountant Ugo Fantuzzi. But few people know that Maurizio Costanzo, who in 1967 advised him to perform at “Sette per otto”: a famous cabaret in Rome, discovered his artistic style.

Carmelo Bini is remembered for his participation in Maurizio Costanzo: “One of the most intelligent men I have known.”

Costanzo’s return from September 27 on Rai1 with S’è fare notte? “Yes, a show that airs late but I’m particularly attached to it. I always have interesting guests who want to talk about themselves, after all that’s what always got people talking about it.” About this Will Maurizio Costanzo return to Canal 5 in October and celebrate his 40th birthday? “I was the first to be called into Mediaset, after Mike, Corrado, Sandra and Raimondo. The last release was very good with the ratings. On this anniversary I am thinking of something special.” With regard to communication with the media, in fact, the Roma Sports Association decided to count on him, among other things, as a true fan of the Gelorus, appointing him as an advisor. “In 2001, on the special episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show to celebrate 20 years of the talk show, Fabio Capello came too, and I would like Mourinho to be 40 years of the show.” (handle).

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