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'Smart' home bills Save over 300 euros in the middle of the year

‘Smart’ home bills Save over 300 euros in the middle of the year

The air conditioners are now running with some regularity, given the temperatures have risen in the past few days, and bills to users similar to those of the previous week. This is confirmed by the weekly survey of Smart Buildings Energy & Strategies (E&S) Group Politecnico di Milano: Between June 25 and July 1 The cost of heat and electrical consumption 15 EUR a Palermo Based on 14 EUR a Rome e Milan.

In the three sampled cities, a “primary” home costs money on average 2.5 euro to operate air conditioners, 8 euro For lighting, appliances and about 3 euro to get hot water.

Completely different music for the same owners smart homeAny home with lower heat loss and higher power systems. From North to South the bill cost is fixed on 8 euro, to save 6-7 euros compared to “basic” apartments. In fact, new technologies make it possible to reduce electricity consumption by 60% and heat consumption by 40%.

The cost difference, which is added to the previous weeks, allows users to allocate a large amount. In fact, from January 1 to July 1 I Milanese ‘Smart’ home owners have saved money €304, I Rum 263 Euro3 Which Palermo 230 euros.

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