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Turkey and Erdogan announce ‘Great Coup’, discovery of gas field in Black Sea, but reliable confirmation is still missing


Turkey discovered a new natural gas field حقل 135 billion cubic meters in the Black Sea baptized Amasra 1. The President announced this evening in an address to the nation Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His government officials had been anticipating the imminent announcement of one “good news” Similar to last year, when Ankara announced that it had identified the largest gas field in its history, also in the Black Sea. 540 billion cubic meters. In the same area, last year, a field with 405 billion cubic meters of gas. The discovery he made government planning, and at an unusual speed, all relevant technical activities, with a relative timeline already drawn up to 2023. For the duration of the comparison The richest gas reserves in the world are those in Russia and up to 49 thousand billion cubic meters.

The timing is right for the president as Turkey is going through a moment of turmoil Very strong internal tensions Because of what his boss revealed Baker ladies. The fugitive underworld in Dubai announced the next day June 14 His latest revealing video, directed straight at the president. In addition, the country is experiencing a severe financial crisis with the value of the lira drastically depreciating and foreign exchange reserves dwindling. The new resource in the Black Sea can provide a breath of fresh air even to the weary coffers of Ankara. Returning to the new Amasra-1 field, the Turkish state oil company Tpao The entire design is planned independently, Without foreign funding: A clip that prompted many analysts to raise their noses, realizing that these are very important initiatives expensive that require the latest technology. Also the fact that the Department of Energy has refused to comment Discovering Amasra seems out of the ordinary, in a country where one witnesses one The real rush of ads.

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The consistency of the possible discovery of Amasra-1 has not yet been confirmed by anyone independent authority. That was not possible until now “Third Party Authentication” Data about the possible Exploit, or certify whether the deposit is large or not. Country It imports all its requirements Energy and has contracts with Russia Gazprom And Azera Sokar which is about to expire. If the well is really usable, Ankara can become independent of supplies Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan. In the past two years, Erdogan’s government has also emerged Gas Claims in Cyprus And in Greece, it sparked the reaction of the leading players (primarily the United States and France) because unlike international laws and treaties, Like the Montego Bay Convention.

Turkey also intends to drill more wells in the eastern Mediterranean, as announced by the Minister of Energy Fatih DonmezIt is an area where research and excavations have escalated Athens and Nicosia, while a memorandum was signed with Libya regarding the exclusive economic zone that “forgets” the waters of Crete, a Greek island and an integral part of an EU member state. The fact remains that Drilling began in the Black Sea on April 8 But they give a result that Erdogan can demand in his meeting with him Joe Biden On the 15th of next June. Face to face where much will be understood about the new American policies on gas in the Mediterranean, waiting to see if the wells are good or not.

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