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Trying on clothes in different stores while staying at home: The new website launched by artificial intelligence is very popular

Trying on clothes in different stores while staying at home: The new website launched by artificial intelligence is very popular

Online shopping: A revolutionary new AI feature will make everything so much easier – here’s what it can do for you

Shopping is stressful, you have to admit: Shops are always full of people, and finding clothes that fit you perfectly is often difficult. Not to mention the dressing rooms: they are cramped, and trying things on quietly before buying them often becomes an impossible task. Fortunately, technology has helped us lazy people and provided us with the possibility of shopping online. Nowadays, almost all major brands have an e-commerce site, where our favorite items can be searched and selected with just one click

Online shopping? Here is some help that will amaze you –

Simply fill out your shopping cart, select your payment methods and wait for the package containing your purchases to be sent directly to your home. A quick and easy way to buy, avoiding queues and having all the time in the world to make the best decision. But this simple way of shopping brings with it serious risks, especially when it comes to buying clothes. It often happens, for example, that what arrives at home does not look much like what we see in the photos on the website.

Online shopping: Try on clothes with the help of artificial intelligence

The jacket that seemed perfect for your way of dressing may no longer appeal to you up close. Another key factor in online shopping is always: sizes. Of course, you can choose the right one on all sites, but there is a fact that probably no one has ever told you: the sizes are not all the same at all. To choose the size of the dress or pants well, you must first understand the model of the chosen dress.

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Here’s how to try on the best clothes while staying at home –

In short, on the one hand, everything seems much easier, and on the other hand, everything is much more complicated. Fortunately, technology advances much faster than us and can always present us with new opportunities. What if I told you, for example, that there is a site where you can measure all the clothes you want with just one click?

Artificial intelligence will help you do this. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself to and then you can wear all the clothing combinations you want. A great help, especially for those who always seem to be hesitant when shopping.

Who knows, maybe with the help of this app you can decide to completely revolutionize the way you dress. Do you see yourself, for example, wearing a nice biker jacket? All you have to do is try.