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9 signs that you are more resilient than you think

9 signs that you are more resilient than you think

There are details that allow you to understand whether you are flexible or not. Are you curious to know your level of determination? Let’s find out together.

How to recognize resilience in a person? We suggest nine signs that will allow you to answer the question. Psychology defines resilience as… The ability to repair oneself after being damaged And knowing how to regain control of life despite difficulties.

How to understand if you are flexible (

A traumatic or stressful event can be destabilizing, causing you to fall into a deep abyss and collapse all certainty. Good, Resilience is the ability to bounce back And mend a broken heart. Those who are resilient are able to find the strength to restore psychological and physical balance, and rediscover mental and physical health.

Resilience allows you to regain control of your life despite falls, fears, and trauma. A gift that makes one look similar to a superhero but the truth is that none of us are invincible and when difficulties come one after another, we don’t always have the strength to fight back. There are times when existence can seem very stressful To endure and the battle is very difficult. Especially in these situations, we need to fight more consciously and use all our resilience. If you have doubts about whether you can do it, we will show you the nine signs that will show that you can fight back.

The nine signs of resilience

The first sign of resilience is Emotional control. Knowing how to manage emotions indicates great strength. You become resilient when you can transfer negative emotions from a wrong attitude to a liberating one.

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Flexibility properties
The 9 signs of resilience (

Do you want to scream, scream and take it out on anyone? Flexibility He does not give in to this desire, but rather reacts in a healthy way For example with running breathless or going dancing.

The second sign is the ability to adapt to changes. You have the ability to adapt and expand your horizons. Then there is self-compassion and tolerance for mistakes that make a person more resilient. Those who value themselves despite their flaws and love themselves unconditionally will be able to overcome difficulties more easily.

Another sign is Resistance and perseverance in the face of challenges And in living every day. Hence, a resilient person always remains positive, and even though he knows how difficult it is to move forward, he rolls up his sleeves and does not give up. Independence is also a characteristic of resilience. You are able to take care of yourself and identify toxic people by pushing them away.

A resilient person is someone who is skilled at solving problems, proactive and courageous because he always gets up after falling. Finally, flexibility in achieving goals is recognized. In a silent way, a resilient person grows and constantly strives to achieve his dreams. No matter how long it takes, The dream never gives up.