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5 unmissable sites in the “Little Loire”

5 unmissable sites in the “Little Loire”

Journey to Lombardy to discover the beautiful castles of Lomelina, dream sites that characterize this region nicknamed “Little Lombardy”, to travel in Lombardy full of history, culture and beauty

Who said to visit charming places And this seems to have come from a book of fairy tales, so do we necessarily need to move and travel to destinations far away from our country? It is clear only to those who do not know the wonders of Lombardy and especially the beautiful ones Lomelina Castles. Real historical pearls, majestic architectures, evocative of antiquity that characterize Lomelina, a district in the province of Pavia, custodian of this unique beauty and its many secrets.

Castles that leave anyone watching breathless, that tell stories, legends and unique adventures that have happened right between their walls and the surrounding lands over the centuries, that have made Lomelina Castles real treasure chests incomparable. Here, then, are the sites not to be missed if you are planning a Excursion to Lombardy Discover the castles of Lomelina, Italy’s “little Loire” that you didn’t know you wanted to visit right away

Castello di Vigevano, the most famous of Lomellina’s castles

The first among the Lomellina castles to which you dedicate your time and eyes is Vigevano Castle. The most famous of the castles in the region, which were completed during the 1500’s and majestically dominate the city of Vigevano, attesting to their value and history.

From this architectural pearl, you can visit the Bramante Tower, which is located in the magnificent Piazza Ducale, as well as visit the beautiful stables, falcons, and ladies’ loggias. In addition to the underground roads that characterize the structure, which makes this castle a A maze of puzzles to uncover. A unique opportunity to visit the city of Vigevano and one of the most beautiful castles in Lomelina.

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Castello di Frascarolo, a 14th-century pearl to be discovered

Built at the time of the rise of the Viscontis, around the 14th century, here is the beautiful Frascarolo Castle, now also known as Villa Medici di Marignano. A castle built in the High Middle Ages, probably by the Longobards who used it as a fortress to control the access of enemies and non-enemies, to Valgana and Valcericioa land of endless natural beauty that is well worth a visit as soon as you get the chance.

A true beauty to discover, stopping in this region of Lombardy is as beautiful as it is full of hidden wonders to fall in love with which today houses the Farmers Museum, which tells the story of agricultural activity in the region. .

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Scaldasole Castle, one of Lomellina’s must-stop castles

Among the other castles in Lomellina that are absolutely must-visits are the magnificent ones Scaldasol Castle, the true pearl of beauty in the province of Pavia. A real fairytale castle, with a drawbridge, a moat to defend it, outer walls, a central brick well, and a magnificent panorama to frame the grandeur of this architectural pearl built between the 10th and 12th centuries.

one of Medieval castles The most important of the province of Pavia and the entire region of Castelli della Lomellina, which is really worth a visit in order to allow yourself to plunge into the past and fully experience the history of this extraordinary and amazing land.

Sartirana Castle, the largest of Lomelina’s castles

If we talk about Castelli della Lomellina, we cannot fail to mention the majestic premises Sartran Castlewhich is the largest in this region of Lombardy and was built at the end of the fourteenth century, around the year 1300. A unique structure built by order of Gian Galeazzo Sforza, which was used in the year 1500 as a noble residence, assuming its distinctive features and the structure that is still preserved today .

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a An exceptional architectural group, where it is possible to visit Pila, a building that was used in the seventeenth century in the process of husking and cleaning rice grains. A place full of history, tradition and culture and today used as the headquarters of the Sartirana Arte Foundation, which is responsible for holding enormous art exhibitions including painting, sculpture and handicrafts.

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Valeggio Castle, medieval castle in the heart of Lomellina

the Valeggio CastleIt dominates the village of the same name and the entire Mincio Valley, as it is strategically placed on top of a hill from which it overlooks the surrounding landscape. Suggestive majestic building and castle Medieval origin Through which they are invaded at every step.

The location is definitely among your stopping points Excursion to Lombardy To discover the castles of Lomellina is a stage that will leave you breathless for the atmosphere that can be found there and for the unique beauty of an exclusive historical place of exceptional value.