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Torino-Empoli 2-2, le pagelle: Juric rinuncia a giocare. La Mantia uomo del destino

Torino-Empoli 2-2, Report Papers: Jurek gives up play. man of fate mantia

Final result: Torino Empoli 2-2


Milinkovic-Savic 6 – He does not have particular errors in the goals, in two cases he puts the piece in.
Winter 5.5 – Half a mess with Singo is his, as he stops instead of facing Pinamonti on the ball that comes from behind.
Premier 6 – In the opponent’s area, he plays an important role in set-pieces, so he is monitored on sight. He is the most dangerous in defense, where he risks his goal, and the attacker, when he breaks through on the counterattack.
Good morning 5.5 – The author of the raid and corridor – rather than help – for Pjaca’s target. Then he keeps a good goalkeeper when the ball comes to his side. However, La Mantia team predicted it with a score of 2-2.
singo 5 – His sweat was clearly stained red. He gets off the ball and then Di Francesco is forced to sink, while perhaps he can stall.
Lukic 6 – Midfield sewing business, the problem increases exponentially when the bull stays in the ten.
Escape 7 – Capital performance in the first half, goals aside, anyway as a skilled striker (which he is not). From one area to the next, it’s always positive and works a lot. In the ninety-fourth he ran and made Loberto take yellow.
Ina 6 – He seeks glory with a very insidious cross shot which, however, does not find the goal (from 89′ Izzo sv).
Bright 6 – Less offensive than Pjaca, which is why he stayed on the field after the sending-off that left Toro at ten. Try to give the amount, also go down towards the center line (from 75′ Rincon sv)
Biaca 6,5 ​​- A very nice goal but then he was substituted a little half an hour later because of the red in Singo. Pay for extremely offensive properties (from 37′ Vojvoda 6 – must make the virtue of necessity, enter when turin is already ten)
Sanpria 5.5 – He gets into the first goal movement – when his shot stops – but has few chances to make a difference. In ten against eleven even less (from 75′ Zaza sv).

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Ivan Yuric 5.5 – It’s certainly unfortunate because without Singo he would probably have had three points instead of 1. A change could be discussed between Pjaca and Vojvoda, but the idea was to cover himself, but he almost finished playing.


MP 5.5 – It gives great confidence to Zurkowski who returns him a poisoned ball. The first post on Pobega did not close, then Pjaca nailed it.
Stojanovic 5.5 – Pjaca becomes his worst nightmare and with Aina he doesn’t get much better. He reset himself with the team in numerical superiority.
Romagnoli 6,5 – It occurs not only in form but also in facts. He reopens it with a bossy break from a corner kick. second place in a row.
Luberto 6.5 – Leaving very free in preparation, he drew a perfect cross pass 2-2 after rehearsing with a large ball vertically.
Mark 5.5 – More careful when teams are playing evenly then he gets licenses but gets a yellow card and risks a bad horizontal pass. From 62′ Paris 7 – He makes fire and flames on that band. Rincon risks his own goal to stop his initiative.
Zorkovsky 5 – An ugly mess on Turin’s advantage, he falls asleep after Pobega tricks him. He tries to fix it but he can’t. from 62′ Haas 6,5 – It gives amplitude and cuts towards the center as fast as possible.
Ritchie 6,5 – Pivotal to the medium at just 20 years old, he was holding the ball with his head held high, signifying a maturity above average for his peers.
Bandinelli 6 – The goal in the derby match gave him great confidence. He has been confirmed as the most dynamic guy with his dollars. from 53′ Bjermi 6.5 – Essential to take advantage of numerical superiority by evading.
Henderson 6,5 – Tactical attacking midfielder, unites the playing lines. Thrower on set pieces, help him from the flag to Romagnoli.
by Francesco 6.5 – He performs the second point of movement by launching himself into the open spaces of Pinamonte. Singo is forced to kick the parcel and causes an accidental keel. from 62′ La Mantilla 7 – One goal was canceled and the other good. And what a goal, Atrakhh away bossy.
Pinamonte 6 – In hype for several weeks, this time he has to struggle to erode the wall that Bremer had built. Precious in the bank business, he gave Di Francesco a shining heel. From 90′ Mancuso sv

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Aurelio Andreazzoli 6.5 – The ball rotates slowly until Singo turns red which changes the cards on the table, making the impossible possible. Anticipate Bajrami’s move to further lift the team’s center of gravity, completing the work with crucial tinkering from Parisi and La Mantia.