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Honda 0 Series: First in 2026

Honda 0 Series: First in 2026

You start from scratchsalon H Space axis They are the names of the first two concept cars presented at CES 2024, which heralds the arrival of… Honda 0 seriesa new range of electric cars that the Japanese brand will launch starting from 2026. The name refers to Honda's desire to return to its origins and create completely new electric cars. The zero also represents the Japanese company's determination to achieve zero environmental impact during the vehicle's life cycle and achieve zero fatal road accidents related to its cars and motorcycles. In his design New electric cars Honda will strive for compactness, lightness and intelligence, and will be built on a bespoke architecture that follows five core values: artistic design, autonomous driving, connected technologies, driving pleasure and great efficiency. Models of 0 series They will offer fast charging that allows you to charge from 15 to 80% within 10-15 minutes.

> In the photos above the Honda 0 Saloon Concept, below the Space Hub.

Two philosophies – the salon It is the top model of the range Honda 0 series Which will lead to the first String model Expected within two years. It has a low ride height and sporty style, with more interior space than you might imagine from the outside. The instrument panel features a human-machine interface that allows simple and intuitive operations. The construction incorporates sustainable materials inside and out. there Space axis, for which the model of the future series has not been confirmed, is designed to improve people's daily lives, thanks to its spacious interior space and great visibility. The concept provides a flexible space that can adapt to what users want.

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Electricity logo – The logo that we see on the latest Honda models dates back more than 40 years, specifically to 1981. For the new generation of its electric cars, Honda decided to… Revamp your logo With the aim of “expressing the determination to continue transformation and the ability to go beyond origins, pursue new challenges and continually advance.” Like outstretched hands, the new logo represents the company's commitment to increasing mobility and meeting the needs of electric vehicles. Inserting forms into the scope Honda 0 series It will begin in 2026, starting in North America and then moving to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.