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The relationship between supernovas and the formation of black holes or neutron stars has been discovered

The relationship between supernovas and the formation of black holes or neutron stars has been discovered

black holes (which could represent a hypothetical source of energy for humanity), Neutron stars H Supernovae They are different beings but related in some way. Two new scientific studies have also been developed thanks to data from VLT (very large telescope) and dell'NTT (New Technology Telescope) DellWhich (European Southern Observatory) made it possible to understand how this happens Supernovae Related to configuration Stellar black holes Organic Agriculture Neutron stars.

Let's remember that supernovae are explosions of gas and dust resulting from the end of the life of a star (which collapses due to its own gravity). However, not everything is spread out in the universe, and an extremely dense stellar core can generate either Neutron star Oh one Stellar black hole. The hypotheses regarding this chain of events are not new, but new information has been found, giving them more realism.

Supernovas, Neutron Stars and Black Holes: Link Found

There are two studies that confirmed this hypothesis. One titled “12.4-day period in a close post-supernova binary system.” while Second of the title “SN 2022jli: a type Ic supernova with periodic modification of its light curve and an unusually long height”. The investigation goes back to an event that occurred in May 2022 when Berto Monard (non-professional astronomer) discovered the supernova SN 2022jli In an arm Galaxy NGC 157 (It is located 75 million light-years from Earth).

this Supernova She didn't act like others. In fact, the explosion usually represents a peak of emission that then gradually fades away. Here, however, after the peak emissions there was Reduce brightness But with different “Courses” to Approximately 12 days.

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The motive will be related to the fact of this SN 2022jli It is a supernova that exists in a binary system. Then one of the stars exploded while its companion did not, and continued to orbit around it. Two independent teams observed this phenomenon, and one of them discovered its existence Hydrogen gas And emissions Gamma rays.


Combining several observations with different instruments and at different wavelengths made it possible to shed light on how the densest part of the star that generated the supernova approached its companion star and began to remove and create hydrogen. “inflation”. There are two possibilities. It could be one Neutron star Or a Black hole With its own accumulation disk. It was not currently possible to observe the object in more detail. In the future, more advanced instruments like the ELT (Extremely Large Telescope) could provide additional data to clarify the details of energetic phenomena like this (but the James Webb Space Telescope or Hubble Space Telescope could also help).