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Temperatures, from frost to off-season heat in just a few hours. We explain where and why »

Weather: Temperatures, from frost to off-season heat in a few hours. We explain where and the reasons

Temperatures: from frost to heat out of seasonLet’s get ready to move on from ice the warm off season In a few hours, at least in some areas of the country.

Although the climate in recent years has often accustomed us to sudden reversals in the face, temperature changes are still an element that the body does not appreciate very much. In short, pass by temperature the cold For a semi-anomalous climate in reverse in a few hours is definitely not the best.

But first of all let’s try to understand Reasons To whom this will happen and which areas will be affected the most.
The causes are found mainly in two components: first and the Cold and dry air flow descending from northern Europe, while Secondly is relative to Beautiful Weather Expected in the coming days and the consequent attendance Practically clear skies Almost cloudless.
In this context, in many areas north And locally on some internal sections centerThe temperature will drop at night Below zero Especially in the suburbs and open rural areas and not only because of cold wind but also because a clear sky Which contributes to a faster and greater dissipation of heat from the lower layers towards the free atmosphere (the phenomenon of night radiation).

On the other hand, during the day, temperatures will be positively affected by the stable weather and consequent generous solar radiation which will be further enhanced by greater air clarity.
In general we will pass through many areas of the north temperature minimum up 1-2 degrees Celsius below zero For maximum values ​​much higher 10°C with tops too 14/15°C In some corners of the northwest.
This thermal scenario will accompany us at least for the next scenario 24/48 raw, Whereas later things can partly change. But we will talk about this in the next updates.

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