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Thursday – Second Coming – Saint John of the Cross »

Thursday – Second Coming – Saint John of the Cross »

Meditation on the Gospel of Matthew 11, 11-15

Bigger than Giovanni.

Jesus’ words raise astonishment when he refers to John the Baptist as the greatest among those born of women, while at the same time declaring that the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. John belongs to the stage of preparation, while in the Gospel the little ones already see the light of the Kingdom of God: the abundance of life and prosperity promised only by the prophet Isaiah finds clear light and fulfillment in Jesus and in the Lord. Achieving his kingdom.

The distance between expectation and fulfillment, between question and answer, between the man who asks and the God who comes to meet him: this is the difference between the Baptist and those who met Jesus. The man who seeks the peace of man has found it, and Christ has found it. A man’s heart waits. “We were created for you, and our heart will not rest until it rests in you,” Saint Augustine repeats to us. All religions invented by man are different expressions of the great construction site of history, where men build bridges to try to reach eternity and the absolute by their own strength. But at a certain moment a man comes forward and says: Stop: your effort is noble, and your research is interesting and daring. I am the one you are looking for.” This image proposed by Don Giussani expresses the difference between the religious meaning, which is longing and searching, and Christian faith, which is the answer found in Jesus. The religious meaning is natural to man: it expresses the need for the infinite. And dependence on the absolute, which cannot be removed from The human heart. And the sign of this is also all the frantic and uncertain search for happiness that can lead a person to the abyss of despair, or perhaps to the point of a glimpse of the answer that can reach the sea of ​​life via the boat of a god, as the great philosopher Plato already had the intuition. Even Leopardi He imagines—perhaps hopes—that the woman he loves is the earthly representation of “eternal thoughts.” John the Baptist, having reached the threshold of consummation, saw the dawn that precedes the sun, caught its first ray and pointed it out to men. But it was the poor and sinners who loved and

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They received forgiveness, sitting at the table with Christ, and saw the desert transformed into a lake of water, and the barren land crossed by rivers, and they rejoiced in the presence of the Beloved.