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More than 300,000 inhabitants in a width of 300 metres

More than 300,000 inhabitants in a width of 300 metres

A unique city, built on the banks of a river and characterized by being the narrowest city in the world.


And the city The narrowest in the world is located in China. the world It is named and consists of skyscrapers Which stands for both Banks From Nanxi River. The buildings are very clean hiring Between the rugged mountains there surround.

Located in China province Yunnan, It seems that Scenography For a future movie, instead it already exists and exists It is considered more narrow Capital of the world. Looking at it from above you can see Imposing buildings Separate from water flow.

And connected only by some Bridges. Urban settlement in The broader point Measures about 300 metres, instead closer It measures only 30. It is crossed by ARoad artery Which extends to Several kilometers.

another one Characteristic What distinguishes Yanjin is given by issue Built on foundations supported by thin columns. They look like Stilts And they serve Protect them When it is level river Rise or possible flooding.

Tourist destination

I skyscrapers Overlooking the river, it represents one of Scenarios The most beautiful in all of China. Yes They fit together Completely in the mountains boycott It borders Yanjin County Sichuan.

Despite its special shape, the city profusely Inhabited. Being surrounded on all sides the mountain He can’t even Thrives Economically. there city It has been inhabited for more than a century, since its construction in 1917.

It was inhabited in the beginning the people Who owned the salt wells. this legacy He is still alive in the forts Ethnic customs Existing. currently city Become one Tourist destination Since his Fama It is also spreading thanks to social media.

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the Chinese provinces They are very large and vaguely comparable to ours. the asian people, For each of them, displays race, accents, Different themes and traditions. there De Yangin area It is located in the northeast of Yunnan Province, In the far south of China.

myanmar border, Laos And Vietnam. there Mountain ranges Which have peaks higher than 6000 meters. In recent years A video Widespread on the Internet make this area famous city It has been defined as “the narrowest city in the world.”

“The narrowest city in the world”

What does it mean “The narrowest city in the world”. Surrounded by forests and clinging between sheer walls and meandering river waters. in documentary Posted by a YouTube user Guizhou Li Junyou can see them clearly characteristics Unique to the place.

the It has been resumed From above with drones, they show it all province And the typology of residential buildings that relentlessly follow each other along its banks. the climate It is moisturizing and promotes development Environments Fertile and rich Vegetation.