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"This is how we find the Russian ghost ships": the Kyiv trap against the Tsar's fleet

“This is how we find the Russian ghost ships”: the Kyiv trap against the Tsar’s fleet

Putin steals wheat for Ukraine but a technological way to intercept it Even without the help of the transmitter it seems to be there. As seen above from the inside, A few days ago, at least three Russian cargo ships had sailed without permission with the maximum “alert” request issued by the United States to countries, especially African, that might buy valuable assets stolen in Kyiv. Almost always, in order to lose their tracks, these cargo ships deactivate their tracks despair (Automatic recognition system) on board the plane to make them lose their tracks and avoid letting people know where they are going.

How does tracking work?

According to sources inside Giornale.itKyiv has equipped itself with a system Effect Ships even without the need for satellites to track the destinations of stolen products such as grain and minerals. It is called the localization company Global Fishing WatchAnd the which began tracking ships that do not transmit AIS data thanks to a new system: in practice, it uses composite aperture radar (Sar) data from Sentinel-1 satellites in combination with Algorithms machine learning “By analyzing the Sentinel-1 radar image archive, we were able to identify 20 million data points that show the movement of ships over 30 feet in length.explained the technicians.

So they’re tracking ‘invisible’ ships.

Before the outbreak of conflict, this method was applied to trace fishing Aggressive or unauthorized: For example, Chinese ships have been tracked and reported entering the North Korean Sea to fish illegally. The Ukrainians asked for help from someone who could provide support for tracking ships with their stolen products, and this company responded in the affirmative because they had the right technology. The data was compared with 100 billion GPS data points of ship locations sent via AIS.

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The company’s system can now track many ships even after they have become “unrecognized” by avoiding tracking. This technology also makes it possible to trace the path of Russian ships carrying stolen oil products or other Ukrainian goods and to see who is continuing to do so. to trade with the attacking country. This discovery will also allow to more quickly discover and punish the yachts of the Russian oligarchs hidden around the world.

grain theft

Meanwhile, the Russian cargo ship “Matros Pozynich” with Ukrainian grain passed through the Bosphorus: 27 thousand tons of grain were loaded in Sevastopol with the initial destination of the port of Beirut, but in fact it will return to the port of Beirut. The Syrian port of Latakia. While Egypt and Lebanon followed the recommendations of the Ukrainian authorities and did not allow the entry of the ship carrying the stolen cargo, Syria She “goes” over it and is not the first to accept this dry cargo in her port. there turkeyOn the other hand, despite the requests of Ukrainian diplomats, it did not stop sending Russian ships carrying Ukrainian grain through its straits. According to our sources, Turkish ports actively trade with Crimea and regularly import and export various products. At the same time, Turkey continues to play the role of “mediator” between Ukraine and Russia, and even demands a 25% discount on grain from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the theft of two thousand tons of wheat from companies in the region Zaporizhia. The people had to load the grain in trucks without plates marked with the letter “Z”, which distinguishes Russian vehicles, and 1.2 thousand tons of this grain could be exported to an unknown destination. In the same period, Putin’s soldiers allegedly stole almost 500 tons of sunflower seeds from the warehouses of an agricultural project in the village of Nestryantsy, in the Bolzhev region. And opened two criminal cases for both cases.

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