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This is what an Earth completely surrounded by space junk would look like, on video

This is what an Earth completely surrounded by space junk would look like, on video

Our Earth now has a halo of orbital debris all around it. The European Space Agency has a plan to keep the problem from getting worse.

What can we do with space junk? We know how much debris is in orbit and we know the problem is getting worse. It’s our fault. Our Earth now has a halo of orbital debris, and the European Space Agency has a plan to stop contributing to this problem. On the other hand, you can only kick a can down the street for so long before you trip over all the cans. While politicians seem particularly adept at projecting these onto the future and then blaming the other side when we’re mired in waste, People dealing with science cannot indulge in the same “intellectual dishonesty.”.

ESA plan

We are all aware of the space debris problem and know that it is getting worse. We have been launching satellites at an increasing rate in recent years. When combined with all the satellites launched in previous decades, the result is a crowded area that gets busier every month. And like empty cans dropped into the future: many objects in orbit are no longer functional or no longer serve any purpose. They are simply there.

Cosmic waste ESA warning: “Behavior in space must change”

European Space Agency (ESA) They work to prevent more debris from entering the space. “130 million pieces of space debris larger than a millimeter orbit the Earth and threaten satellites now and in the future.”“, writes the European Space Agency. “Once a week, a satellite or a rocket enters our atmosphere without control or connection. Behaviors in space must change.”.

Possible solutions for the Earth

Perhaps the best approach is to adopt practices that prevent the creation of new debris. There is a lot of talk about developing systems to remove existing space debris, especially larger debris such as intact satellites. We’re talking about bayonets, Robotic weapons And even use other satellites to transport the debris to graveyard orbits. But little has been done to prevent more from emerging.

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“Once the job is done, we have to clean up.”

“We are seeing a significant increase in the use of space, but the technology is still insufficient to prevent the resulting risks. Our goal of becoming debris neutral within a few years will require clearing valuable Earth orbits once the mission is complete, and if the mission fails to achieve this goal, it will need to be removed.” Effectively with customized vehicles.“, explains Holger Krage, ESA official.

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