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"This is the last time I talk about it."

“This is the last time I talk about it.”

The Campania showgirl, among the heroes of the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip, is a guest in Silvia Toffanin’s living room

A guest on a date today with very righttalk show, Silvia TovanenAnd the Mirjana Trevisan Talk about it again Biagio DanieliThe former Givino who met him Homepage subordinate big brother vip Which seemed to fall in love with him. mirjana He also made a rather important premise, which means that nothing is lumped together: “It’s the last time I’m talking about it.”

Big Brother Vip, Miriana Trevisan to Verissimo, the truth about Biagio D’Anelli: ‘This is the last time I talk about him’

I do not regret anything: he made me smile at home, I had a good time with him – He said to microphones Silvia Tovanen – I didn’t know him at all, there were a lot of warnings, but I didn’t care. He told me that after meeting me he changed his mind about me. I enjoyed it and let myself go, it was my mental attraction, not my body.”

there Trevisan He told of his coldness that he noticed even when he came home to her surprise:

“When he came back the second time, I knew something was wrong. Even when he kissed me, I felt cold. Then, when I leave the house, I look for him in the studio and thank him for what he did, but even there I feel cold. After sending, Biagio is not there. Then I see him In the container and he says to me: “Stay with your family, we will feel calm.” The next day I clearly saw all of my family. About 5/6 I rest for a moment and I want to hear it. Meanwhile, they told me that at noon on the fifth day he said he was upset because he did not hear me. After an hour I felt him and it was very cold, I wanted to tell him everything that happened to me but … He said to me: “Won’t you tell me that you are going to Milan?” Me: “I wanted to tell you now.” To him: “Well, I am going to work.” Then he puts it aside. The next day I saw him at morning 5 saying the things you all know.”

“For me, this story ends here. I don’t want to have a man so close to me and my son. Shift. Would you let me be with my family first and then call him quietly? Then I see he says silly things in the morning 5. From now on I haven’t I’m talking about it again. I feel betrayed.”

Big Brother Vip, Biagio Daniele’s reply to Mirjana’s words

one copy of mirjanacompletely different from Biagio Who keeps claiming that she’s the one who didn’t lose track after being eliminated from the Gf VIP.

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The ex-Givino, after the showgirl interview with Verissimo, commented: “I scored on Thursday morning. You leave me without telling me and in the evening at Gf you say you have a feeling…Monopoly money is more real! Nonsense. Crap.”

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