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This hidden computer function will help you save battery power: it’s simple and affordable

This hidden computer function will help you save battery power: it’s simple and affordable

There is a hidden function for your computer that will save you a lot of battery. Here’s how to activate it instantly, and it only takes a few seconds.

For those who own a laptopThere’s one issue in particular that’s also common with latest generation devices: the battery. It is one of the most important aspects of all, considering that computers of this type are designed to be carried with you and therefore Requires good independence To ensure that you do not have to carry the charger in your bag or backpack.

If you need more battery on your computer, try this trick right away – (

If you’re not happy with the age of your computer, you’re likely still active today Hidden function consumes a lot of battery. We advise you to follow these quick and simple steps to deactivate everything right away. This way, you will always be sure that your computer can accompany you throughout the day even when you are away from home, try it now!

More computer battery: You must deactivate this function

Virtually no one knows it, but there is a hidden PC function that is consuming massive battery power in the background. Therefore, there are no particular benefits to the end consumer during normal use of the various programs and functions available, but there can be Significantly reduces the autonomy of the device itself.

Secret Windows feature to increase your computer's battery capacity
Follow these steps and you will have more independence on your computer – (

If you want to deactivate it, follow this guide. From a Windows computer, first sign in to control Board Via Windows key. At this point, select the Hardware and Sound item and then choose Energy saving options. Among the various options that appear next to you is the one that interests you It’s the second. A new pop-up menu will open with several options to click on, and you have to choose Change settings that are currently unavailable.

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Scroll down until you find Enable fast startup And clear the check next to it. This way, when you turn it off with the power off, your computer will then restart it, and it will likely take a few extra seconds before That all programs can start.

This is because the system is running “from scratch” and without the function that uses the GPU to keep it active. The big advantage It’s about the battery, Which will not require any effort when you turn off the computer, and thus will lead you to enjoy tremendous benefits immediately. Just follow this quick guide and within a few moments you’ll be done.