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In the name of simplicity: Make your home modern and sophisticated by getting rid of these seven things

In the name of simplicity: Make your home modern and sophisticated by getting rid of these seven things

How to update the house and make it more refined and modern? There are 7 objects to get rid of: here's what they are.

Home transformation And give her a A more contemporary look Removing the many items weighing it down can be a fairly easy process. It's actually simpler than it may seem. To bring about change and modernization of the environments in which we live, certain measures are needed.

Modern homes often have a style that, although not necessarily as minimalist as this furniture style, is still characterized by simplicity. No frills and frills Which only comes with something heavier. Functionality certainly reigns supreme and is a priority item that takes center stage.

To make your home more modern and elegant without resorting to a complete change of furnishings, you can consider intervening even withDelete specific objects Which makes it look decidedly old-fashioned, or worse, simply outdated. It involves removing furniture items Which are no longer in good condition or completely old fashioned.

7 things you should get rid of to make your home more modern

Starting from the entrance of the house, which sets the overall atmosphere which is then expressed in the individual rooms, Little furniture and impeccable order It is the first business card of a modern and elegant home. better Remove any carpeting in the hallwayif any, and even more so if they are old textiles that show signs of aging.

How to update your home by removing things

Make the house modern by getting rid of things that weigh it down –

Prefer hanging shelves To massive furniture and certainly simplicity and space should be the champions. It is best to remove ornaments in the living area Such as various decorations and souvenirs. The accumulation of these objects and their display on the screen is a use of the past that is not reflected in current events. It is better to use some decorative elements that are reminiscent of the style of the room, and even better if they perform a function at the same time.

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In the same vein An excess of framed pictures It must be removed. Whether in frames hung on the walls or more if placed on furniture. This is a method that is no longer used, as it conveys an old idea. also Pottery services It's very important: Eliminate those with retro decorations And replace it with another simple and linear design.

Move to the bedroom Linen is outdated It gives an old touch that is best removed. Contemporary linens and bedding set the mood. in the bathroom Towels must be in excellent condition: If there are old and worn out things, they must be replaced. They give an essential touch to the room. The same applies if there is one Worn shower curtain Oh one Ruined bathroom furniture Of use. You can also consider updating the home Repaint several pieces of furniture in light shadesWhite color always gives us brightness and reminds us of new ideas.

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