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Does walking while listening to music burn more calories?  He explained the main reason

Does walking while listening to music burn more calories? He explained the main reason

If you listen to music while walking or running, you will lose more weight. Here’s why this happens and what impact the songs have

Listening to music helps you lose weight and is fun –

We set our favorite soundtrack on our smartphone, put in our earbuds and start running. Or during a walk downtown, we isolate ourselves from the sounds of traffic and find refuge in our songs. How can we not play inspiring music when we train? Well, we now know that it is not only fun and gives us energy, but it also makes us lose weight.

Combining music with physical exercise is a winner and anyone who has tried running with and without music knows this well. Obviously, it’s no coincidence that there is always background music in gyms. It’s obviously not symphonic music or relaxing music, but music that really makes us jump on our feet. Now, what makes this union even stronger is the confirmation from numerous studies Listening to music makes us burn more calories. And this is not the only amazing benefit.

Listening to music while walking: here are the advantages

When we go out and play our music, we’re probably doing it to have company, to relax, and to have a soundtrack while walking. It is good to continue this habit. Yes, because listening to music while exercising has countless benefits.

  • Improves performance
  • Makes you feel less tired
  • Makes you lose weight

Walking with music takes you far

Music keeps us in great company, we know that, and it means translating that It doesn’t make us feel bored. If we are not bored, we do more. In fact, we are able to perform longer and with greater intensity.

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You travel kilometers without feeling tired

If we do not feel bored, on the contrary, we are in a state of emotional and mental pleasure We will feel less tired. And so we will continue walking. But it is not just a psychological fact, or rather that it has a real physical effect. In fact, if we are more relaxed, our muscles will also be more relaxed. We will not feel muscle pain.

Running with music
With music, you don’t feel tired and perform better –

Music and walking: equal weight loss

Increasing walking intensity means exceeding the aerobic work threshold and thus reaching Burning calories. The more we walk, the more calories we burn. Music with higher beats per minute, or beats per minute, results in a faster tempo that leads to weight loss.

How much do you need to walk daily to lose weight?

Walking is good, walking with music is even better. but How much do you need to walk to feel comfortable and lose weight? According to the World Health Organization, you should practice at least 30 minutes of continuous physical activity or 3 kilometers of walking daily.

To achieve weight loss expert advice is: Walk about an hour a day, and complete about 5 km, at a fast pace while listening to music. Advice taken by all marathon runners who consider listening to music while walking or running a kind of psychostimulant.

In short, download your favorite music – preferably stimulating music, i.e. at a bpm rate of around 120 – put on your headphones and go for a walk. Your body will thank you. It won’t take long to impact scale.

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