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There was a pirate attack on Siae

There was a pirate attack on Siae

AGI – Siae and rights management company Artists from the world of entertainment and culture, from recordings to television and editing, have been attacked by pirates. According to what AGI has learned, it was so A ransomware that paralyzed a computer system.

The Italian Association of Authors and Publishers is already aware of the intrusion of malicious actors into its database, and in the morning the Postal Police and the privacy guarantor to protect the data of its members informed the subject of the “data breach”. For now, examinations are still underway to determine the extent of the damage.

Specifically, it is the scope of data access (data leakage and dissemination) that relates to approximately 60 gigabytes of subscriber data. The data was published on the dark web and a ransom demand was submitted to the company in bitcoin.

The company explains to AGI that He does not intend to proceed with the request and no ransom will be paid. Among the data published on the dark web, from what AGI has been able to verify, there are various identity documents of members, contracts between artists and companies, business recognition, IBAN, and sensitive data of members.

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