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There is no doubt that it is the most punctual airport in Italy: it is exactly that

There is no doubt that it is the most punctual airport in Italy: it is exactly that

Did you know that the most punctual airport in Europe is located in Italy? It is worth choosing it if you plan to travel by plane to avoid delays or unpleasant surprises.

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The Italian airport recorded the best punctuality index considering the last month of July 2023.

The most accurate airport

If you're planning a plane trip, it may be helpful to know which airport in Italy is the most punctual. It is located in the north and achieved the best accuracy index calculated last July 2023. Are you ready to know the name? This is an airport Milan Bergamo.

A record not only Italian, but European as well. Milan Bergamo Airport was named the most punctual airport thanks to the report by Hopper Inc., an agency specializing in compiling reports on delays and cancellations at airports. Data was collected by Official Aviation Guide. The latter is an information and analysis bank that analyzes the performance of airports and airlines.

The reference period was that The first ten days of JulyThis is a period when air traffic in all European skies was very difficult. In fact, delays have reached between 60 and 70% in some major European airports. In addition to the delays, the cancellation of several flights had a negative impact on air traffic.

In this scenario, Milan Bergamo was the airport that was able to handle the situation best. Flight delays were only 3%. As for flight cancellations, only one flight out of a hundred departures was rescheduled. Dublin and Madrid are also among the most punctual cities in Europe.

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Milan Bergamo Airport –

Other airports that excel at punctuality

In Italy, the airport also excels in punctuality Milan MalpensaAccording to data collected by Flightstats. Scalo Milanese is ranked 19th in the world rankings across Europe. Followed in Italy by Naples, Palermo and Turin. The ranking, which consists of 101 airports, is occupied by Rome, Fiumicino, Bologna and Venice. But the last in the ranking is the small Florence airport.

Among the worst performing airports in Europe, Brussels stands out with about 78% of flights delayed. Frankfurt (68%), Eindhoven (67%) and London Luton (66%) fared no better. Amsterdam was also added with 61% of flights delayed in the same period.