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"There is mail for you without Maria de Filippi": she made her shoes

“There is mail for you without Maria de Filippi”: she made her shoes

From September, a new broadcast of rai music in a format very similar to the classic format of the well-known program directed by Maria de Filippi will begin. what is he talking about? Who will run this new broadcast?

‘You’ve got mail’ It is one of Mediaset’s most popular and longest running TV shows. Broadcasting, in fact, has been going on since January 2000 with 25 copies aired!

Maria de Filippi conducts “There is mail for you” – Altranotizia

But what new broadcast will have a format very similar to the historical Mediaset format? Which Rai presenter is about to “make shoes” for Maria de Filippi?

Similar to “There’s mail for you”!

Maria de Filippi has always been the sole presenter of this popular programme. In sending, some people send invitation in sending to family or friends, who want to be reunited in a particular relationship after quarrels or other!

When sending, those who are invited can choose to open the envelope or not to hear the “requests” of the other interlocutor! But what broadcast will have a format similar to that of “È Posta per te”? What comparison was used?


“There is mail for you without Maria de Filippi.” The metaphor has spread across the web that the new program will run Elisa Eswardi Next season, it may have a look very similar to the famous broadcast format carried out by Maria de Filippi! The official news for the past few hours is in fact the well-known announcer from Kunio has returned to his scene. Class 1982! In fact, starting Sunday, September 11, Isawardi will be conducting “I’d like to tell you so”, New broadcast on Rai Due. The presenter will travel all over Italy, a travel program that will look for different stories to tell in each episode! In fact, the format includes an interview that Isauardi did with some ordinary people who have the desire and desire to apologize to someone!

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Everything will then end with a lunch full of products typical of the object of a particular region for individual dispatch! Therefore, there is a different program in terms of structure and setup than “There is mail for you”, but with the leitmotif of people who want to apologize to a family member or friend! But in addition to the format, which is very similar to that of “there is mail for you”, there is other “unpleasant” news for Maria de Filippi. In fact, Isawardi’s new broadcast will air on Sunday afternoons at 3pm, at the same time as the afternoon episode of Amici! A battle then also in terms of audience! Isawardi herself shared the similarity to Mariah’s history show in her Instagram stories:

Elisa Isawardi New Transmission - 30062022 - Tranutesia
Elisa Iswardi and her “similar” presentation of C’e Posta per te! Source: (Elissa Iswardi’s Instagram Stories)