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There are 10 zero-calorie foods you can get back in shape instantly by eating well: revealed by nutritionists


There are zero-calorie foods that allow you to immediately return to your fitness by eating well. There are ten of them and they are among the most recommended by nutritionists.

Eating a lot of food without gaining weight is the dream of most of the world’s citizens. However, few people know that there are zero-calorie foods that allow you to get back in shape after the summer periods. Today we will see what these products are and, above all, why nutritionists recommend them to all their patients.

These foods help you lose weight –

Although temperatures are still very high, summer weather is almost over, opening the doors to fall. Although the days of beautiful days at the seaside are almost over, staying fit is important for our health even when we don’t have to face the swimsuit test. In fact, for those who couldn’t get over it this year, now He will be able to start nutrition training in view of the upcoming summer season. To have an enviable physical shape, there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration.

In fact, we need to know the nutritional intake and calories of the foods we eat in order to get the right balance. Plus all of these can help us too Foods that do not provide calories. Not everyone knows this but there are also zero-calorie foods in the world. According to experts, there is also the possibility of negative calories, that is, foods that activate the metabolism so that they allow you to burn more calories than those eaten. So let’s see what foods we are talking about.

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Zero-calorie foods, what they are: Help you lose weight

Thanks to zero-calorie foods, your metabolism can be activated quickly in order to burn as many calories as possible. Usually these foods Vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins Able to activate thermogenesis. With this process, the body finds itself burning calories while eating thanks to activities such as chewing, digesting, and absorbing nutrients. Moreover, these foods can also be convenient snacks. Having made that promise, let’s see what these ten foods are.

The best advice from nutritionists –

The first thing is Celery contains only 20 calories per 100 grams. It is used in diets as a snack to combat hunger, and its digestion involves a higher energy expenditure than the calories input when eating it. However, we find it right behind cauliflower thanks to its 24 calories per 100 grams, which is also useful in combating water retention. Less calories instead Cucumber, which contains only 12 calories per 100 grams Recommended for all detox regimens. Salad, fennel, spinach and zucchini cannot be absent from the table, as these three vegetables do not exceed 30 calories per 100 grams.

Among the foods that speed up the metabolism we also find coffee and tea, but also bitter cocoa. And they exist within them Neuroactive substances such as caffeine, theophylline, and theobromineAble to improve the metabolism by accelerating it. Finally, some spices, such as Pepper, turmeric and hot pepper. These foods do not contain any calories, but if consumed they can speed up some metabolic reactions.


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