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NASA managed to record the sound emitted by the black hole

NASA managed to record the sound emitted by the black hole

NASA revealed the sounds emitted from a black hole – here are the details

Black holes are regions of space characterized by such an intense gravitational field that nothing inside, not even light, can escape. In fact, the concentration of their mass is so intense that it prevents light radiation from going away. Despite its relatively small size, it emits sound waves that cannot be seen by the human ear, but only by radio telescopes, also because it is also believed that the process of formation of black holes depends on the processes of gravitational collapse.

NASA released the sound of a black hole

NASA, through an audio clip posted on social media, revealed the sounds emitted by a black hole, spreading a terrifying noise that lasted 34 seconds. Scientists involved in the search for exoplanets were able to develop a very short video with audio, which refers specifically to black holes and their activity. The data indicate specific pressure waves ejected from the black hole, which are also responsible for the appearance of gas ripples in the cluster. It is precisely these ripples that are translated into sounds audible to the human ear, thanks to the amplification of the signal that is multiplied by several quadrillions in relation to its original frequency.

Characteristics of the sound emitted by black holes

Until this amazing discovery, the scientific world was convinced that there are no sounds in space because an absolute vacuum does not allow any wave to propagate. However, in the presence of clusters of galaxies, where the concentration of gases is very large, sound waves have the ability to move through the density of gases. However, their frequency is too low for the human auditory system to receive, so it becomes necessary to translate these emissions into sounds suitable for people’s ears. Read on…

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What could be the future developments of this discovery?

The black hole from which the sounds were recorded belongs to the Perseus Galaxy, a gaseous mass about 240 million light-years from Earth. The scenarios that this discovery has opened up in the scientific world are particularly interesting because they allow the search to be extended to other black holes, to compare different types of sounds. In addition to the discovery that the universe is not silent (as previously believed), the testimony of sounds emitted by the black hole confirmed that the propagation of sound waves is also possible in space.