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Production of graphene batteries is about to begin

Production of graphene batteries is about to begin

Nano energy Announced graphene-based battery cells They will overflow Production in early 2024 at the new 150 MW Chico 2 production facility.

Nanotech Energy successfully completed trial weeks at Chico 2 in November and December. Almost all of the equipment is now installed at the Chico, California, site, and downstream processes are being optimized ahead of a launch that will eventually generate 30,000 18650 battery cells per day. These batteries, similar in size to AA batteries, but usually have a 3.7 volt output and are used in various electronic equipment.

Battery type 18650

Graphene is a special two-dimensional structure of carbon, in which atoms are arranged in a single very thin layer, with certain properties of physical resistance and conductivity. the Graphene batteries It is a type of battery that uses graphene as a component in the electrodes. Graphene can improve the performance of conventional batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, by increasing battery conductivity and enabling faster charging and discharging cycles. Graphene's high surface area can also increase a battery's energy density, allowing for greater storage capacity in a smaller size.

Structure of graphene batteries

“Currently, our materials management, quality, operations and program teams are working together to ensure we are ready to operate and deliver production-ready cells in April 2024,” says Troy Zerbe, Chief Operating Officer of Nanotech Energy.

Production will start at a rate of 10 cells per minute and increase to 20 cells per minute by the end of the year. By 2025, Chico 2 will also be able to produce 21,700 battery cells at the same rate of 30,000 per day.

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Mr. Zerbe adds: “When we look at our key parameters such as capacitance, resistance and open circuit voltage (OCV), the main encouraging point is that our tests have already produced a high percentage of first-class cells. Realistically, we are ahead of the curve and you can feel the excitement.” Increasing throughout the organization.

Work on the 5,000 square meter facility began in November 2022. In the fall of 2023, Nanotech Energy released the first images of the new setup starting to take shape.

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