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The VIP trend is to have a super fit body, but how does that work?

The VIP trend is to have a super fit body, but how does that work?

We hear more and more about intermittent fasting and the results it promises. what is he talking about?

Intermittent fasting –

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet that has literally become popular recently. This system is widely supported by prominent figures who promote its effectiveness, and it is based on a nutritional model that includes alternating certain foods with periods of fasting. Let’s see together how it works and whether it is really as effective as they say.

Intermittent fasting

As mentioned earlier and as the name suggests, intermittent fasting is It is a type of diet that includes periods of fasting between meals.
However, before talking about that, it is good to remember that for any type of diet it is recommended to get an expert’s opinion, because we are not all the same and some dietary models may not be beneficial for our body.


Intermittent fasting He has collected different variations over the yearsBut one feature remains permanent: the fasting phase during which only herbal tea and water can be consumed. This solution may make a lot of people turn up their noses, but it needs to be said This type of diet usually requires a short time.

Examples of intermittent fasting

The duration of this type of diet, as is the case with all other types, Obviously, this depends on the goals to be achieved. That’s why there are different methods.

16/8 intermittent fasting is based on a pattern of 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of fasting. Based on your daily life We adjust ourselves to the best time period for eating and fasting.

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Then there is the 5/2 method, which involves taking Maximum 500 calories for two days consecutively per week, and regular feeding during the remaining five days.

Drink herbal tea
Drink herbal tea

And last but not least, there is The method involves actual fasting for 24 hours For one or two days a week, it is necessary to drink water and herbal tea to maintain good hydration. During these days physical activity should be avoided– Prefer walking, relaxing or yoga.

Intermittent fasting is responded to by hormones, which self-regulate whether fat accumulates or not based on food intake.

Fasting hour
Fasting Hour –

Among the benefits of intermittent fasting We undoubtedly find weight loss without restrictive dieting and a good anti-inflammatory ingredient. On the other hand, it must be said It is not a diet suitable for everyoneespecially if you have diseases. Furthermore, not everyone is able to continue fasting, which can lead to irritability, weakness, and sudden hunger pangs.