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From today, smart work is changing, and we are working to expand the fragile economy

The emergency phase of agile work is over e From today, everyone will return to work in attendance Unless agreements are signed with the company to retain at least part of the agile business. Employers, thanks to the new rules introduced with the simplification decree, will be in any case from September 1Or the ability to send in a simplified way Names electronically while simplifying procedures which makes the use of agile mode more convenient for the company and reduces the work of the general administration.

Work is underway to extend smart work until December 31 for i Vulnerable workers and parents of children under 14 years old: The Secretary of Labor, Andrea Orlando, as far as is known, was going to draw up an amendment to be submitted in the transfer of aid dl bis to the Senate that gives the possibility to request smart work even after August 31 without it being done. Individual agreement is necessary. Relative coverage of public sector workers – again according to ministry sources – could have been found through private Ministry of Labor funds.

for fragile workers The rights expired on June 30th, in the case of tasks incompatible with agile work (eg cashier in a supermarket), to equate the period of absence from work with a stay in the hospital. For parents of children under the age of 14, the right to smart work expired on July 31 for tasks that can be performed in an agile manner and provided that the other parent works and is not a beneficiary of income support tools. It is possible that the announced new standards will follow those that expired this summer, but these are clearly measures that have a cost, at least for the vulnerable. “For the frail who do not carry out activities that can be made fast-moving – confirms Uil Confederation Secretary Ivana Veronese – the hospital stay allowance should be restored.”

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to me Parents of children under 14 years old There is the issue of a right payable only by those who do jobs that can be offered in smart work, but for others, who are obligated to work in presence, it can be possible to work on vacation that is requested in an injured condition and thus forced to stay at home. (Dealing).

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