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The on-board computer crashes, what will happen now?

The on-board computer crashes, what will happen now?

Unfortunately, we are not the bearers of the good news until today The situation with the Hubble Space Telescope is not about to improve. For nearly two weeks, NASA has been trying to bring the tool back online after it mysteriously stopped working on June 13. It’s not easy to repair 31-year-old appliances remotely.

According to the latest information, in fact, Backup from Hubble’s “secondary” computer – that is, the device that is activated if attempts to solve the problem are not resolved – does not work. Probably the secondary system too Got a bug that caused the problem.

Therefore, the two computers do not appear to be the cause of the failure. What could be the origin? Experts say it may be the fault of the device, such as the regulator operating the computers or the data coordinator, who caused the catch. “Since it’s very unlikely that all individual hardware items have a problem, the team is now looking for other potential culprits.says NASA in a new update.

As we all know, the Hubble telescope has been a great source of discoveries during its 31 years of service. That’s why the team of scientists stands Work hard so you don’t lose the most important tool of the space age. If there is no hope, NASA will direct Hubble into Earth’s atmosphere where it will be incinerated.

Here the history of the machine will end, But not his amazing legacy.