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The construction of the first hotel in space is getting closer

The construction of the first hotel in space is getting closer

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) – a company that claims to be the “first large aerospace construction company” – has just revealed on its website that The first robot prototype capable of creating parts for a luxury hotel Which, according to reports, will one day orbit the Earth.

The members within the company are definitely not the “newcomers” in the space since Some of them are NASA veterans. The company certainly has a very ambitious goal: to start building a goal Voyager space station as of 2023, a large circular luxury hotel extending over nearly 200 meters.

Since the structure rotates on its own axis, the “space tourists” of the future They will experience levels of gravity similar to those of the moon. If all goes as planned, it could be Voyager Station Host up to 400 guests simultaneously by 2027. To build the facility, OAC plans to send semi-autonomous robots into space to put parts of the space hotel together.

It is called a robot DSTAR (Demonstrator Gear Assembly Robot). “Watching DSTAR assemble the six-ton ‚Äč‚Äčtrellis structure and expand the length of a football field as if in space was fun for everyone.Tim Alatori, CEO of OAC, said in a statement.We are on track to launch our first mission in 2023“.

In short, we’ll see what happens.

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