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The North Pole is so hot that winter can suddenly change its face even in Italy

The North Pole is so hot that winter can suddenly change its face even in Italy

Climate anomaly at the North Pole: Stratwarming possible as early as January 2024

Something anomalous is happening above the North Pole: a sudden warming, technically called that StratwarmingRisks of polar vortex disruption, with direct effects on European climate in early January.

Create the necessary prototype. with StratwarmingIn meteorology, stands for a Anomalous and intense warming of the Earth's stratosphere (part of the atmosphere 15 to 50 km above the surface), above the Arctic Circle, even 40/50 degrees Celsius in a few days.
This heating, once activated, gradually expands towards the upper troposphere After effects in next 2/4 weeks: immediately the subtropical sector is, in fact, forced to degenerate (technically we are talking about “Polar spin displacement“) or to break up, splitting into 2/3 distinct depressions (“split of the polar vortex”), which travels at least partly in the direction of the middle latitudes, causing cold waves as far as the heart of Europe and Italy.

Predictions January 2024
A very strong weather anomaly is expected over the North Pole in the next few days, with temperatures up to 57 degrees Celsius is high More than one would expect in this era! Entrainment of “warm air” can significantly destabilize the polar vortex. Effects in the lower troposphere are not immediate. Actually, as usual, It will take atleast 2/3 weeks So they can be felt by mid-January. The past (as we have seen) has taught us that these dynamics often translate into interesting movements on a hemispheric scale. Ice bursts are possible towards central Europe and then towards Italy.
What is possible must be evaluated later Rain returns: It is important to understand where low pressure depressions will develop, identify the most affected areas and understand if there are chances of snowfall at lower elevations.

Stratwarming above the North Pole: anomalous warming of the stratosphere
As these are long-term forecasts, it should be remembered for clarity that we are presenting only one. Overview A detailed weather forecast at the expected time and for a specific location is not useful for planning your personal life.

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