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The most solid and reliable banks in Europe, ECB ranking: Italian in first place But it's not what you think

The most solid and reliable banks in Europe, ECB ranking: Italian in first place But it's not what you think

The European Central Bank has developed a ranking of the most solid and reliable European banks. A must-know list to understand the institution where you want to deposit your savings.

What is the main goal of taxpayers? Protect your savings and eliminate the risk of losing your capital as much as possible. That is why interest in banks that are considered the most reliable and safe is increasing. It is an assessment made by the European Central Bank based on In the second pillar requirements indicatorThis pillar was more complete than the first pillar. The goal was to identify European and Italian institutions that excel in terms of financial stability and risk management.

What are the strongest European banks? –

Many parameters play a role when choosing a safe bank. From the size of the organization to stock exchange listing to the availability of financial information and CET1 ratio. It may not be easy for taxpayers to independently assess the soundness of different institutions. To make a decision they can therefore refer to the European Central Bank's classification.

Which Italian bank is more solid relative to the ECB?

Choosing the right bank requires evaluation based on your financial needs. The ECB classification provides important assistance in understanding the most solid institutions in the European and Italian landscape, and thus choosing the custodian of your savings and investments.

According to the European Central Bank The least risky bank in the Eurozone is Credem For additional capital required. For the Emilian Foundation, the capital requirement for the second pillar was set at 1%, in cooperation with the French Bank Svil. We are talking about the lowest level in Europe.

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Below is the list of safe banks to invest in

The ranking continues with Credem at the top – referring to the Italian banks with Banca Mediolanum is in second place and Intesa Sanpaolo is in third place. They follow

  • Mediobanca,
  • finco bank,
  • unicredit,
  • Pepper,
  • casa central banca,
  • Banco BBM and Ikeria Banca.

In the overall standings, Banca Mediolanum and Intesa San Paolo ranked sixth and ninth respectively. They have a P2R of 1.50%. But at the end of the list we find Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Banca Popolare di Sondrio. They have a straight P2R al 2.75% e al 2.79%.

In general, all institutions have more capital than required. Credem is characterized by its solidity and represents a guarantee for customers. A goal is only the starting point of an ever-growing journey. So, if you have to decide where to put your savings, this classification is an excellent starting point.