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Useless “unexpected” expenses that must be cut immediately if you want to save hundreds of euros per year: try and see

Useless “unexpected” expenses that must be cut immediately if you want to save hundreds of euros per year: try and see

The end of the year is always a good time to take stock: Here's how to cut down on unnecessary expenses and save a healthy nest egg every year.

The contemporary world is dominated by… Consumerism: In practice, people are now accustomed to obsessively searching for… – Random satisfaction of unnecessary needs And often superficial. the Unnecessary expenses What everyone does every day, every day, from the beginning to the end of the year, is tremendous. Reducing these expenses means being able to enjoy greater economic peace, which can then be spent on more important things.

Savings on monthly spending –

The main problem is learning to recognize how and why expenses are unnecessary, i.e An obvious reason to waste money. There are also apps that help Daily expense reportthrough which it is very easy to notice how much money is spent on purchasing accessories.

Analyzing what was spent and how much was spent is the first step you can taker Manage your finances better. Without an accurate statement, it is actually difficult to identify expenses that could have been easily avoided.

The other key point is to understand that even… Useless expense of a few euros Important in determining the total waste of resources. One euro today, one euro tomorrow, and you end up wasting a lot of money without even realizing it.

Tips to avoid unnecessary expenses: analysis and solutions

Overspending is often the result of Mismanagement of expenses. Many, out of laziness or convenience, prefer small purchases rather than one large expense. This expenditure must be reasoned, that is, based on it Concrete needs And not on the momentary need, which is often unjustified or fleeting in any case.

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Goodbye to useless expenses –

To combat inflation, which also raises the prices of basic goods, such as food, housing and energy, all families realize that it is necessary to learn how to spend while saving as much as possible. Shopping at the supermarket (and at discount stores) allows you to save money compared to many partial expenses at multiple stores.

Indeed by eliminating purchases in retail stores, it is possible to cut down many unnecessary expenses. Use of e-commerce It is often a source of high waste. Analysis of all subscriptions to Internet-only services. TV and various subscriptions, many families will find that they throw away, without reason, tens or hundreds of euros per month.

Then there is all Forced purchases through advertising or boredom. The mechanism of sellers is to create a need in the consumer that has no basis in reality. Learning to let go of “internal buying” will cut your total spending in half.

The 50-30-20 rule

But before you devote yourself to shopping, it is advisable to organize your finances, and understand how much budget you need to allocate for each type of purchase so as not to exceed it. At least 50% of yourself Menstruation budget They should be allocated to basic necessities. Any home maintenance costs (rent, bills) and regular expenses.

Save with a monthly statement – ​​

This leaves another 50%, which is usually completely wasted without control. The advice to all investors is to allocate 30% of your total salary to personal well-being, i.e. to entertainment and sports (restaurants, gym, cinema, bars). This way you can save money 20%, to keep For future needs or emergencies.

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To save more, you should also learn how to cut spending and bill costs. When it comes to spending, you can learn to let go Branded productsWhich usually costs twice as much as similar products. Then it is also useful to cut off as much as possible Invoice costs.

It's about not wasting electricity, using LEDs, turning off lights and appliances, using the shower for a maximum of five minutes, and avoiding too many washing machines.