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The most powerful 800-horsepower Limited Edition is priced at 275,975 euros

The most powerful 800-horsepower Limited Edition is priced at 275,975 euros

he is called Ford Mustang GTD It is the street version of the Mustang GT3 built for the Imsa GTD Championship, making it More powerful never.

Yes, because the designers on the Mustang GTD don’t have to follow competition regulations They spared no expense Giving life to the absolute maximum in aerodynamics, the Supercharged V8 engine from More than 800 hp And for push-rod suspension in homage to this historic model, a super-exclusive limited edition: in America it costs approx $300,000With a value of 275,975 euros, the first deliveries are estimated between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.

The most advanced Ford Mustang GTD ever

The aesthetics of the newer Mustang, but have been significantly modified. The evolution of shapes for adults and New slots and other solutions that support increased aerodynamic load. Thus, the front gets really bad with much larger intakes and new V8 engine cooling vents with a lower splitter and flatter bottom. Numerous shifts As for the air outlet, which is located on the hood and on the side wheel arches, like the rear ones, it is much wider.

Ford Mustang GTD

There are additional openings behind the doors, but the role of the star is played by the rear Giant suite which joins the extract to ensure a Great driving forceAnd at the back, next to the classic vertical LED strips, there is an additional cooling grille. Ford, which has not released numbers on aerodynamic efficiency, confirms that much of the bodywork is made of carbon fibre.

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Ford Mustang GTD

Optional additional parts with composite materials, such as shock absorbers, as well as additional material aero package Carbon flat bottom, hydraulically controlled front fascias and active rear spoiler.

Ford Mustang GTD

As for the interior, there are currently no photos. However, we do know that the cockpit is completely new with leather upholstery, Miko Suede, carbon fiber and titanium inserts. 3D printingsuch as the paddle behind the steering wheel or the gear selector. The seats are Recaro and there are only two of them, because the rear sofa is missing.

Supercharged V8 engine

if he Mechanical Planner That remains of all Mustangs, so with front-engine and rear-wheel drive, everything changes. the 5.2L V8 It is shipped with a volumetric compressor for a maximum rotational speed of 7,500 rpm, with a titanium exhaust with active valves. part of the 800 horsepowerFord will release new details about the engine in the coming months.

Ford Mustang GTD

We know that in order to improve weight distribution, the Ford Mustang GTD has it Transmission transmission, with the engine and gearbox on two different axles. In particular, the Mustang GTD features an A-shift transmission 8 speed dual clutch Connected to the engine by a carbon fiber driveshaft, allowing for nearly even weight distribution.

Ford Mustang GTD

Of the many changes made to the standard Mustang, one of the most important was the suspension, now of the push-rod type in the rear. This solution reduces comfort in favor of performance and driving pleasure. In fact, in doing so, the trunk has been eliminated to make room for the suspension and hydraulic systems, complete with a transmission cooling system, which Ford describes as Semi-active. This is because the rider can adjust the ride height and the stiffness of the setup. In its maximum configuration, which can only be used on the track, the car body can be lowered up to 4 cm.

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