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The most lax zodiac sign ever! do you know them?

The desire to work is not common to everyone, on the contrary, there are many who do not even try to hide a certain “sensitivity” to any form of work that requires some amount of mental and / or physical “effort”. Zombies, also called more colloquially laundrymainly divided between those who are “honest”, who do not try to hide this situation, and those who try instead to hide this tendency Temperamental. As for the zodiac, they are all part of the same category, represented by the signs zodiac which follow:

The most lax zodiac sign ever! do you know them?


Some people just can’t go without doing anything… Cancer instead is exactly the type of person who fully understands this need but on the contrary needs to remain completely inactive for long periods of the day. He’s incredibly managed to get bored, on the contrary, he seems to be okay with doing absolutely nothing.


He’s part of the cleanliness class trying to get away with it: Leon has proven to be absolutely full of energy in just about every area but he manages to “dodge” with great intelligence and ability with any form of responsibility and above all effort. It seems to be practically “allergic” to work.


They don’t like to be considered cleaners just because they follow very personal times and rhythms. If a job or task needs to be completed on a tight schedule, Sagittarius is not the right person. Sagittarius understands the sense of urgency and hard work, but has a hard time adjusting to the fast and frantic rhythms that characterize the modern world.

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