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Letizia di Spagna, una favola con l’effetto push up. Ma la blusa si confonde con la tappezzeria

Letizia di Spagna, dreamy push-up pants. But the blouse failed

Letizia Spain He concludes the weekly commitments by having an audience at Zarzuela Palace dressed in splendid white trousers, with a culotte cut, frompush up effectAnd a new plaid blouse tends, however, to blend in with the upholstery.

Leticia from Spain, an animated hug

Letizia Spain Everyone moved during the meeting with Videla Miron Torente, representative of the Spanish Porphyria Association. The two women have known each other for some time and had the opportunity to talk to each other on different occasions. But this time they did not want to hide their mutual affection behind the formalities of the protocol, hugging each other warmly. A gesture that revealed the extent to which Rena was involved in supporting research against rare diseases.

Letizia from Spain, woven shirt and push-up pants

For the Palazzo business meeting, Letizia opted for a less formal and more summery look, no less elegant. Therefore, there are no suits in plaster casts or exquisite dresses, but not offending clothes Like the famous fuchsia dressFelipe’s wife wore one New Jersey On a white background with a fake cashmere print, because analyzed in detail are flowers in shades of pink, purple and green, a round neckline, French sleeves and a slit at the back. The blouse is soft and gives the impression that it is very cool and perfect for the warmer temperatures.

The designer of Reina’s new shirt is currently unknown. Although it is an ideal model for summer, the choice is not entirely happy. In fact, the imaginary fabric It tends to blend in with the furnishings Hanging in the audience room and in the official portraits the scene goes together.

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However, La Reina keeps her look by pairing a blouse with a pair of White pantsCulotte cut, with invisible pockets on the back. The dress is perfect for her and enhances her side b carved. On the other hand, Letizia is known to constantly train to keep fit and the muscles in her arms and calves are proof of that.

Spanish Letizia, shoe makeup

To cut back on her figure, Donna Letizia wears a pair of classic white high heels and skinny heels from Magrit. Dalilah form costs 310 euros and does not have the original delicate plateau Present in the pair worn by the Queen. This is a trick that helps you achieve more balance and reduce fatigue by standing for a long time.

Although work clothes do not touch the top of Gorgeous white lace dress Which she has recently worn, Letizia always reveals excellent refined taste. And he was able to re-evaluate even those clothes that aren’t always up to par, like the blouse worn during the Palazzo hearing. In fact, Rina undoes her very successful pants and the door is offset but in an asymmetrical way to give her more movement.