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The Last of Us Online has been cancelled, and Naughty Dog confirms the multiplayer mode will be closed

The Last of Us Online has been cancelled, and Naughty Dog confirms the multiplayer mode will be closed

Naughty dog The project was officially confirmed Latest of us onlineor the game Live multiplayer service which had been in development for years at the main team at PlayStation Studios, is now final Deleted.

The worst expectations that also emerged from some rumours, which until now have always been denied by Sony and the team concerned, were thus confirmed, despite various reports about the complex situation in which the project found itself.

“We realize that many of you have been waiting for news about the project we are calling The Last of Us Online. There is no easy way to say this: we have made the very difficult decision Cluster development “From the game,” Naughty Dog said in an official statement to the public.

“We know this news will be difficult for many, especially our passionate The Last of Us community Factions, who has been eagerly following our multiplayer ambitions. “We’re also bummed about the study because we couldn’t wait to make it available, but we want to share with you some of the information that led us to make this decision.”

Naughty Dog is returning to single-player games

The Last of Us Part II Remastered is the next title from Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog then explains in the letter in question that development actually began during the making of The Last of Us 2 and at that point the project was in pre-production, with the idea appearing to contain… Great potential. The initial gameplay idea was later enriched and improved until it reached a delightful form.

“By the time we reached full production, the enormous scale of our ambition became clear. In order to publish and support The Last of Us Online, we had to devote all of our studio resources to Post-launch support This would have a major impact on the development of future single-player games, Naughty Dog explained in later years.

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“So we were faced with two paths: become a studio dedicated solely to live service games or stay focused on them Single player narrative games That has always defined the reputation of our studio.”

The answer is clear: the decision to close the multiplayer project is a result of Naughty Dog choosing to return to focusing on primarily single-player games. “We have more than one single game in the works and look forward to sharing the news once we are ready.”

Despite conflicting rumours, information has been surfacing for some time about the disastrous state of the project’s development: with the negative opinion given (apparently) by Bungie itself as an internal assessment and the team being forced to rework everything, it first appeared that the game had been significantly scaled back. Large, then it was suspended, but it appears that it has not yet been cancelled.

Now there he is Official confirmation The game was abandoned permanently, with Naughty Dog returning to fully developing its typical single-player titles. Meanwhile, the next one is The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, which will be reviewed soon.