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The Last of Us Online: An image of the canceled game appears and reveals some details

The Last of Us Online: An image of the canceled game appears and reveals some details

A few hours after the official announcement of the cancellation Latest of us onlinea live-action multiplayer title for PS5 is in the works at Naughty Dog, shared well-known insider Dusk Golem An alleged image of the gameWhich reveals some small details.

The shot as we see from the post on Twitter X below, shows what we assume it to be main screenThrough which the player can start the match, invite other players, join them, etc.

Also from this menu we see that it is possible to navigate through multiple screens using the L1 and R1 keys. Among these elements there are also entries for “Battlepass” and “Store”, confirming that even The Last of Us Online in the original plans would have had the inevitable seasonal structure, Battle Pass and internal store Where you can purchase cosmetics using premium currency to customize your digital avatar. On the other hand, “Collected” can be the menu from which we can customize the aesthetics of our character.

The Last of Us multiplayer has been cancelled

As we mentioned at the beginning, Naughty Dog officially announced overnight the cancellation of The Last of Us Multiplayer, confirming the rumors of recent months.

The studio explained that the project has great potential, but at the same time it will require the use of all the studio’s resources for post-launch support, which will require negative effect About the development of future single-player games.

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